Traditional Christianity Essay

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Traditional Christianity

According to Tucker, R. A. (2004, p. 47-50) Traditional Christianity revolve around the fact that the bible is the authoritative revelation of the events surrounding Jesus whom they regard as the son of God and other events in God’s working and that it is only the bible that is the revelation of the Gods message. Traditional Christians consider the bible as their reference point both for solace and in happy moments as they believe that the words of the bible were written through God’s inspiration.

The way of life and the believe system by both the traditional Christian and the non traditional Jehovah’s Witness is based on the teachings and principles of the bible. Jehovah’s witnesses profess to also believe in the Bible. Non traditional Jehovah’s witnesses believe and follow the Bible with the profound faith that the entire bible is both accurate and inspired. Their name Jehovah is even derived from a verse in the book of Isaiah. Jehovah’s witnesses use a particular version of the bible called the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures which they highly regard than any other conventional bible.

This bible has special translation that forms the basis of their spiritual believes and practices. Jehovah’s witnesses accept the entire Bible as inspired of God. Rather than skepticism, they have full confidence and conviction as to its truthfulness. (Tucker, R. A. , 2004, p. 53) Traditional Christians believe in God as the creator of all people, the world, the universe, and everything that is found in it, both seen and unseen. This is based on various Bible passages, including the Bible’s book of Genesis.

Traditional Christians believe that God is almighty and capable of doing anything he wants. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in a supreme God as a spirit which has a body but not a human body but they do not believe in the holly trinity like their traditional Christian counterparts. They therefore direct their prayers at God and not Jesus whom they believe was God’s servant on earth. Christians practice baptism as a rite of washing with water to signify religious purification and consecration.

Baptism identifies the believer with the holly trinity which is God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Baptism also identifies the believer with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection. They believe that baptism is an act of obedience for the believer and a picture representing profound spiritual truth. Both traditional Christians and non traditional Christians share their views and God with others. (Tucker, R. A. , 2004, p. 123) Jehovah’s Witnesses baptize followers who are considered mature enough to make conscious decision to join the faith.

On accepting the word of God, Christians are usually prepared in a number of ways on how to share the word of God with others including being ordained to lead churches in which the word of God is shared through bible readings or testimonies. Jehovah’s Witnesses promote sharing the word of God through witnessing and evangelism which mostly involve door to door evangelism by kingdom publishers. They both share the belief that Jesus Christ will ultimately return to earth to destroy Satan and establish God’s eternal kingdom and oppose the concept of naturalistic evolution.

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