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Essay on Tradition And Culture

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Principles of Rukun negara


The Gospel Book of Durrow vs. The Coronation Gospels

4 The symbol of Saint Matthew is different in some way in every culture that had him in their Gospel book. His symbol of the man was created in each culture based on the time period and culture influences. The Hiberno-Saxon culture portrayed Saint Matthew as a man, but only included basic human parts and didn’t use any types of Roman art techniques to make the picture life like. On the other han...

Cultural Differences Between Korea and US

United States communication styles include the offer of a firm handshake, lasting any where from 3-5 seconds, upon greeting and leaving. It is customary to maintain good eye contact during the handshake. If you are meeting several people at once, maintain eye contact with the person you are shaking hands with, until you are moving on to the next person. Eye contact is very important during busines...

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About Cultural Awareness

Without knowing that they are talking to someone from another cultural background, people can easily alienate others and be called a racist because of their insensitivity to another. Being culturally aware, having the capacity to understand and appreciate the rich cultural diversity, is thus essential for the success of this computer-mediated communication because it increases one’s sensitivity ...

Everyday Use

Hoel, Helga. “Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use. ” 1997. Web. 20 July 2010 Smith, Nicole. “Theme summary of “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker: The role of African-American traditions,” 2010. Web. 20 July 2010 Tuten, Nancy. “Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use,” Explicator. Issue 2, (1993): 125 White, David. “Everyday Use”: Defining African-American H...

Heritage Assessment Tool

Cultures are unique for their habits, traditions, practices and beliefs. Health is a mainstream for all individuals, families and groups to ensure a progression and effective lifestyle is obtained. No matter how health is viewed or practiced it is entailed of a physical, mental, and spiritual makeup that requires attention. How that attention is given is decided by the culture and the people of th...

Civilization of Aztecs and Tainos Comparison

For both the Taínos and the Aztecs religion was an integral part of their lives. Though the Aztecs had far more gods than the Taínos, the gods in each society were at the head of the political chain. They rulers and priests of the Taino and Aztec societies would communicate with the gods and receive specific instructions in all areas of life. The emperors and rulers could generally be seen as ex...

Japanese Tie-Dying

The quality of the tie-dye had never been better with the emergence of a wider array of design and colors of different tone. The old dyes that used to fade so badly was replaced with a permanent and easy to use dyes. Pastel colors became a favorite for the more conservative artists. However, the colors became widely available in bright rainbow colors, purples, earth tones, toned down blues – cre...

The Ramayana: A Story of Abduction

The duty of a Ksatriya was to fight; when Rama entered the forest, he fought all of the Rāksasas in the forest in order to restore order. Although he dishonored Rāvana’s family, he did not break any Ksatriya laws; therefore, it was not necessary for Rāvana to get revenge. Rāvana did, however, want revenge, which he achieved through the illegal abduction of Sita. For that reason, it was Rama...

Ravens: Symbolic Meaning

In conclusion, Native American Inuit are a deeply spiritual group of people who communicate their history, thoughts, ideas and dreams from generation to generation through symbols and meanings, such as the Raven symbol. Levi-Strauss mentioned that “the one observation that has forced itself upon every Anthropologist who has studied the trickster myths in detail, including Boas (1898), Lowie (190...

European and Chinese Cross Cultural Encounters: 17th Century

This feeling was evident when Ricci and Le Compte compared the sciences of astronomy, astrology, medicine, and geography. The belief in Christianity that the European missionaries had was the foundation of the cause of this superior feeling. Comments: This cultural encounter was very interesting because it highlighted how the European’s were very intent on pushing their religion on the Chinese. ...

Pre-Modern Appalachian

Also there are teachers, social workers, doctors and dentists reaching out and helping a population isolated by steep hills and lack of transport. They even showed a dentist who had converted a bus and traveled into the mountains to pull teeth, educate people on the importance of dental care. But what was discussed was the reason so many teeth had to be pulled out was that they drank too much moun...

Body Rituals Of The Nacirema

However, the important factor to take note of is that even though cultural practices are different, they are exceptionally ordinary to those living in that particular civilization. Miner has helped us realize various aspects of our culture with a brilliant approach. Body Rituals of the Nacirema is meant to get us to look at our own culture from a different view since we have the mentality of ourse...

Cultural Similarities and Differences

Mexico makes papier-mache masks (papel pegado) but they consist of large heads with friendly faces. Although Mexico produces more arts and crafts than Puerto Rico, both countries use handmade tools and craftsmanship to make items. Mexico and Puerto Rico have many words they spell differently but have the same meaning and vice versa. For instance, the word bicho and pinche are two words both countr...

Intangible Heritage

To be kept alive, intangible cultural heritage must be relevant to its community, continuously recreated and transmitted from one generation to another. There is a risk that certain elements of intangible cultural heritage could die out or disappear without help, but safeguarding does not mean fixing or freezing intangible cultural heritage in some pure or primordial form. Safeguarding intangible ...

Effects of Ofw - Overseas Filipino Workers

Far from your families and friends. 2. You have to adjust to your new environment. 3. The Philippine goverment considers OFW's as living heroes but if you are in trouble you may realize that most heroes are suffering from death. 4. For the first time being an OFW, you have to be ready for the unknown. 5. If you have chidren, Sorry you could not see them growing up. 6. Its just a waste of time. Jus...

Analysis of ‘Ceremony’ By Leslie Marmon Silko

In Ceremony, Leslie Marmon Silko exposes the many contradictions present in America today. Be it the government's policies concerning Native Americans, the American model of courage, or the history which the children study in their classrooms, America is full of sarcasm and paradoxes. These inconsistencies do not in any way cut down the magnificence of America as a country, but to a certa...

Documentary Film "Ongka's Big Moka"

Ongka Big Moka is a great video describing the traditions and scenarios that an individual go through on a daily basis to obtain power. This really opened my mind to how similar our country is to theirs. My ethnocentric thoughts at the beginning of the movie when I saw how the way they dress completely changed at the end of the video. I realized that I should not judge any culture by my own social...

Basseri of Iran: Past and Present

The Basseri have now become more advanced in their culture with the world we all live in today while respecting the culture they came from in decades past. Most texts agree that many of the settled people in the southwestern area of Iran either were Basseri or are descendants of Basseri. Even though there are still traditional nomadic pastoralist Basseri in the region, they have become small in nu...

The Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea

The book was easy to read containing information on the culture which was very informative. There was mention that ethnographies are just a way of fictionalizing a culture, but I disagree. Ethnographies are essential into seeing a glimpse into a culture that would not be accessible to many people and help in understanding ethnocentrism that many cultures have in today's world. It gives us clues as...

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