Trade union monopolies Essay

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Trade union monopolies

Monopolies of any kind may not be advisable to the public interests because most of such monopolies may result in public exploitations and taking undue advantages by the monopolists. Monopoly is always motivated by the selfish interests. Trade union monopolies are also not an exception. “If a labor union maintains a monopoly on all labor to be provided across an entire sector of the economy, and also sets the wages to be paid across that entire sector, then it should be treated as a corporation or cartel that creates a monopoly on products provided across an entire sector and sets the prices to be paid across the entire sector.

Labor is the product, and wages is the product price. ” (Kandel) Labor union monopolies will create immense problems to the employers. It is easy for the labor unions to control their wages and work environment at their own will in such conditions which may not be a healthy sign for the employer. For example, IT industry is one of the busiest industries in the world which require 24 hours functioning in order to fulfill the commitments. If an employee refuses overtime work at a critical time because of the trade union monopoly, the employer will be helpless under such circumstances.

He will lose his existing jobs along with the forthcoming jobs from the client in such situations and thereby his business may not grow because of the trade union monopoly. Dr. Charles W. Eliot, President emeritus of Harvard, is of the view that the Government should end the monopolies the trade unions have upon trade. He argues that true democracy will never allow any form of monopolies (The New York Times) The right of public employees to strike The right for public employees to strike is a much debated topic because of the serious implications in it.

Strikes by public employees like health care professionals, teachers etc will do much harm to the interests of the society. But at the same time nobody can argue against human right violations of these employees. The California nurses association (CNA) has recently won a major legal battle to strike on behalf of the 10,000 University of California registered nurses it represents. (CNA/NNOC Wins Key Legal Decision Protecting Right of Public Employees to Strike, 2008) Washington Education Association, the teachers’ union, acknowledged that strikes by public employees are illegal.

(Carlson, 2008) Public servants are also human beings and they also need to protect their employment rights. Most of the countries are now experiencing shortage of public servants like nursing and teaching professionals. But it doesn’t mean that those who are employed in these sectors must do compulsory overtime work every day. The authorities must find solutions for the shortage of employees rather than asking the existing employees to double their work. Conclusions Trade union monopoly is not a healthy sign for a civilized society.

Monopoly in any form is a kind of exploitation and it should be regulated by the government. The absolute prohibition of trade union is not advisable irrespective of public or private sectors. Human right violations are there in all the work places irrespective of public or private organizations. But for the sustained growth of economy or the society, trade unions and their rights must be controlled by the government. References 1. Kandel Paul, (2007), Unions as Monopolies Retrieved on March 25, 2009 from < http://www. blogsofzion. com/blog/? p=1188> 2. The New York Times, October 27, 1909, DR.

ELIOT ASSAILS UNIONS AS MONOPOLY; Retrieved on March 25, 2009 from <http://query. nytimes. com/gst/abstract. html? res=9A06E2DD1630E733A25754C2A9669D946897D6CF> 3. Carlson John, (2008) Teachers’ strike defies the toothless law, Retrieved on March 25, 2009 from <http://www. pnwlocalnews. com/south_king/fwm/opinion/28455419. html> 4. CNA/NNOC Wins Key Legal Decision Protecting Right of Public Employees to Strike, (2008) Retrieved on March 25, 2009 from <http://www. bio-medicine. org/medicine-news-1/CNA-NNOC-Wins-Key-Legal-Decision-Protecting-Right-of-Public-Employees-to-Strike-17503-1/>

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