Trade Essay Topics

The Indus civilization’s economy appears to have depended significantly on trade, which was facilitated by major advances in transport technology. The IVC may have been the first civilization to use wheeled transport.[52] These advances may have included bullock carts that are identical to those seen throughout South Asia today, as well as boats. Most of… View Article

Financial Report for Sole Traders and Partnerships

Sole traders: According to Peterson and Plowman : “ As sole proprietorship is a business unit whose ownership and management are vested in one person. This individual assumes all risk of loss and failure of the enterprise and receives all profits from its successful operation”. A sole trader describes any business that is owned and… View Article

Assessment of the Extent by which the Introduction of Euro

January 1, 1999 was a memorable date for eleven European Countries as this became the official date that they have come to adopt the Euro as their official currency. All eleven countries would undergo changes in their systems especially the currencies by which they would adopt an official exchange rate that would govern their circulation…. View Article

International Trade debate Part 2

In reading my classmate’s paper, it is interesting to note that while the author is against unrestricted trade, the author nevertheless cites many of its benefits such as reducing dependency and cutting the cost of living. What is even more interesting is that the author tries to build a case around arguments that consider these… View Article

Energy Resources

Trade – offs for the energy resources Large scale hydroelectric power This taps the abundant energy resource presented to humanity by Nature in the form of water streams flowing under potential energy gradient presented by natural topography. This energy resource is practically free, practically renewable and exploiting this form of energy hurts the environs to… View Article

European Union Trade Law

Introduction Counterfeiting, piracy and infringements of intellectual property rights are very frequent in the European Union[1]. These take place all over the world and pose a grave danger to national economies and governments. The success of such activities is due to the counterfeiters’ greed for money and also the increase in demand due to consumer… View Article

Balance Of Trade

It is the device to watch a country’s overall international monetary transactions at a given period of time usually a quarter or a year. It is a mechanism to account how much money going in or out of a country from all kinds of trades undertaken by the private and public sectors. A debit refers… View Article

Free Trade In Society

How does the society benefit from an economy built on free trade where both the labor and the buyer only seek personal gain?             On an economy that is built of free trade, society will run like clockwork because of the various incentives that the various sectors of the economy provide.  It is human nature… View Article

The International Economy

International trade represents one of the biggest parts of most of the countries’ gross domestic product or GDP. It is one of the most established business activities in the world as it concerns the exchange of services, goods and capital across different countries and international territories. International trade has been able to establish its most… View Article

Movement Towards Decolinization

Introduction “Movement Towards Decolonization .” Before I start the basic part of my coursework introduction I would like to define these words and the meaning of this statement . Movement – an act of changing location or position . Towards – moving or coming to a particular direction . Decolonization – to grant independence to… View Article

The trade system in Ramayana

Based on the summary by Stephen Knapp (2007) The Ramayana is one of the two greatest stories told from India which was written and created by Vālmiki sometime between 4th and 2nd BCE. Knapp had elaborated that the story of Ramayana is about how the lives of people have been running in India on the… View Article

Trade Liberalization and the Caribbean

The current global economy espouses trade liberalization as the only way in which both developed and less developed countries (LDC’s) can benefit from each other. Trade liberalization is the establishment of open economies through the removal of barriers that protect domestic production from imports and foreign capital (Greenpeace).             Examples of these barriers are tariffs,… View Article

Employee Representation

The rise of capitalism in industrialized societies ad increase in case of exploitation of employees led to the rise of trade unions.  The trade unions were formed for the purpose of representing employees through preventing exploitation by their employers.  The increased cases of exploitation in terms of wage and other issues that affected employees in… View Article

Unionizing Revision

Unions are organizations of employees that work for the protection of their workers’ rights. It is commonly assumed that an employer has more say about how the company must be run and this can affect the salary and conditions of the workers. Should workers feel deprived, the only way they can usually force their company… View Article

Insider Trading

Introduction to Insider Trading Insider trading represents trading in a security by a person who has rights to access to restricted material, which is not accessible to the general public. Insider trading includes someone’s capability to create agreements in not yet exposed information of trade prospects. Moreover, insider trading engages in creating economic investments on account of… View Article

Trading Strategies

Gone are the days when purely the corporation’s fundamentals are being studied before someone invests in the stock market. The traditional way of studying corporations is to look at their earnings, assets, liabilities, etc. A fundamentally sound company is an ideal company to invest in. Today, the fundamentals of any company are still considered; in… View Article

Current trading relationship Between the United States and China

Introductions International trade refers to the exchange of raw materials and manufactured goods (and services) across national borders. This situation happen since every country has specific products or services that are better in terms of quality, price, or any other measurable factors than one form other countries. This idea refers to competitive advantage. This situation… View Article

Tradeblocks Case

Small business owners today are facing more hardship than ever before.  Internet commerce and regional trade blocs are the two main culprits.  Regional trade blocs combine company interests and are many time created by a nation, along with their neighboring nations, in order to compete more effectively in the global market.  Another reason for the… View Article

International Trade

Relation between trade and world output International trade represents the exchange of goods/raw materials and also manufactured goods (and services) between countries. This situation occurs since a country has particular products or services that are much better than other countries in terms of quantity, price quality, or any other measurable factors. This idea further refers… View Article

Trade Secret

As defined by R. Mark Halligan, (n.d.), trade secrets refers to any information, tangible or otherwise, and stored in any manner, which the owner exercises “reasonable measures” to keep secret, because their value reside from their being kept secret from the public. (The Economic Espionage Act of 1996: The Theft of Trade Secrets is now… View Article

Protectionism and its Impacts

The issue of adequate trade protection—or the lack of it—has remained a significant point of debate for majority of Americans. Drezner (2004), for instance, points to the resurgence of protectionist sentiments among U.S. citizens in light of the outsourcing phenomenon wherein Americans feared lossing their jobs to offshore counterparts. Scheve and Slaughter (2001) also note… View Article

Trade Practices

On the material date of 19th December 1997, the Australian Rugby League (ARL) disclosed its intention to enter into partnership with News Ltd to run rugby league that unites their respective leagues on condition that the conglomeration of teams under the ARL news would be reduced to fourteen teams. As a result, souths, which was… View Article

Trade Liberalization in China and Brazil

Debt crises and financial stability problems had been the major causes why some countries resort into imposing new economic programs such as implementing free trade which is also called trade liberalization. To lessen the limitations of a country on trade industries they have established has been the main point of the process called trade liberalization… View Article

Trade Issues Between US And China

This essay will research the relationship between the United States and China in regards to trading policies.  A brief description of the United States’ foreign policy will be given and following this an examination of the US-China trade relation will be analyzed with historical background ranging from 1979 to present.  In the development of this… View Article

Trade in China and the Success of its Economy after Mao

The People’s Republic of China is said to be an emerging economic challenge to the world’s sole superpower, the United Sates of America. For the past several years after Mao Zedong’s death, the Communist Party of China has abandoned its socialist path and little by little embraced western capitalism’s open market economy. The promises of… View Article

Organizing a Trade Fair with Fresh Graduates

Organizing a trade fair requires sustained efforts from a capable team that needs to posses some experience in the field of sales, a good acknowledgment of the products promoted and their features, developed communication skills, correctness and objectivity. Given that the trade fair will be organized with the participation of fresh graduates that do not… View Article

Free Trade And Australian Economy

Over the last three decades or so, Australia’s commitment to free trade agreement in the region and with a number of countries has changed much of its protection policy. Discuss the impact of this change on Australian economy?  Abstract  On the economic front, the past decade-and-a- half has been one of singular achievement for Australia…. View Article

Trade Liberalization

Trade is very critical in any country as it ensures that although countries have different production capabilities they can acquire all types of goods. Different capabilities arise due to the fact that different countries have different natural resources, educational capabilities, varying physical capital as well as the technological knowledge. Trade liberalization entails the reduction of… View Article

Law of International Trade

Introduction Coffee Beans that were bought in Sao Paulo, Brazil are to be transported to a depot based in Durham, England. The total weight of the Coffee Beans to be shipped is 1500 tonnes. At first, this may seem to be an ordinary shipment on the surface. However, when putting into perspective the amount of… View Article

The Trade-Related Investment Measures Agreement (TRIMS)

The Trade-Related Investment Measures Agreement (TRIMS) which came into effect on January 1, 1995 formed part of the Uruguay Round negotiations by the World Trade Organization (WTO).[1] The TRIMS Agreement is calculated to accommodate and facilitate the global increase of trade-related investments in respect of cross-border transactions.  The TRIMS Agreement sets about confirming the anti-discrimination… View Article