Tracking Essay Topics

Tracking Students

Studies conducted have demonstrated that tracking of students does not promote social equity, but may lead to discrimination in the schools.  Studies conducted by Oakes et al, 1985 & 1992 demonstrated that when students are tracked the opportunity offered by the school to learn was indifferent leading to several problems.  The schools tend to discriminate… View Article

Inequality in our Education System

Education is vital to all individuals. It is the foundation of one’s development in order to achieve personal distinction. In addition, it also equips people the capacity to properly interact with other people. Education serves as a weapon for survival. It empowers one’s capacity and provides an edge in any endeavor that one wishes to… View Article

Tracking and Ability Grouping in Schools

Introduction This paper is about tracking and ability grouping, the practice of grouping students of similar ability or prior achievement together for instruction. This paper is divided into four sections. The first defines terms, sketches the basic features of tracking and ability grouping systems. The second section traces the historical quest for reasonable ways of… View Article

WiFi RealTime Location Tracking Systems

Wrireless networks has affected large and small companies alike. While Radia Frequency Identification (RFID) tags based networks have gained popularity over the years, there are also other wireless networks available that are being tested in order to provide same functionality and more. Wi-Fi and blue tooth are two of the examples of such networks. This… View Article