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Toyota Prius: Dreaming Big with Hybrid Cars Essay

Although I’m not really on the car level the due to the fact that I drive a 2001 Chevy Venture so I made some research about this model, I find out that Toyota Prius was first marketed from 2000 to 2003 in the U. S now they are thinking of improving the next generation Prius which will be powered with a Lithium-Ion battery.

Toyota had lots of good cars, good mileage, and they last for a while but now this days they complicate cars with so much devices it’s ridiculous, just couple weeks ago my dad came to town so he rented a Toyota the car was so complicated to him he was mad like someone has question his intelligence due to the fact that he is use to driving the old fashion cars. When he got home he asked me why so much crap in a car, there was no tape deck its cds and iPod, rearview camera so my 12 years old daughter had to take him through the process of all the buttons in front of him so it was kind of funny when he was explaining the ways of the old cars.

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Prius NHW11 is at the end of its second generation. We’ve learned that Toyota is taking advantage of a few of the marketing strategies in using different ways to help consumers in their needs by making the Prius the first hybrid to be put into production and to be sell outside of Japan which was a major marketing hit for Prius. By making Prius the first hybrid Toyota gain the first trust from consumers looking to buy a hybrid car and could build a very strong relationship due to such brand.

By making the Prius hybrid on the market Toyota is actually changing and improving their merchandise for the consumer Toyota has a strong advantage over its competitors they choose to put the Prius on the market due to the environments way and help with gas since the price is sky high $4 dollar for a gallon, with the hybrid you actually save more because a gallon gives you more on your mileage, and with less fume it makes the air much better to breathe, less pollution although not everyone has a hybrid but we’re trying to make the environment better and safe.

Toyota always find a way to make consumers like its products even after they had a recall on one of their model couple years back people were still buying their product, but since the first Prius generation, Toyota made it its priority to keep consumers interested by introducing the synergy system, by changing the body styles, bigger and powerful engine to keep with consumers demands and the even improve the inside so spacious and roomy with lots of feature like heated seats, DVD player to keep the kids quiet during a trip and head phones connections so some can enjoy their movies while others are listening to music.

Although I know my pocket is not that deep to afford one myself after all a girl can always dream of something nice especially with 4 kids you always want your surroundings to be safe. To be honest I would yes and no at the same time. The reason I would say yes is because Prius is the most popular hybrid globally because it’s so dedicated.

Prius is a no plain gasoline but at the same time Toyota is not the only one that make hybrids… you have others such as Honda, Ford, Nissan, GM the difference is theirs look like regular cars, you have to at the details very closely by reading the badges or look on the truck to make sure that’s the real deal otherwise you won’t be able to tell the difference. The reason I say no is because everything we do as to be plan or budgeted, for example I’m a mother with 4 kids working so hard to make ends meet, to put food on the table, and providing for my family with every necessary needs, do you think someone like me can afford a hybrid car?

But to be real about I would love to own one because it is considered safe, has all the necessities that can keep a long trip with kids short, silent and peaceful. Everyone would love to own the safest car but with the econmy in balance things are easier said than done things like that goes on the wish list that will never granted. I would like to also say that hybrid is all around now until something with more efficient come out like a flying car etc.

Things are coming out now the solar cars are kind of out, it does not pollute earth but why do I need a car that I can only drive when the sun is out to me it is kind of ridiculous some people would see it as the best product ever made but to me that’s waste of money, we live in a world where you wake up in the morning and find out something has been invented. But me I still stand by wanted a hybrid car no lie about that because everyone in life want something that they know they cannot afford but we can always dream I mean you never know what might happen so always dream big.

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