Toyota Essay Topics

Toyota Motor Company

In the worldwide automotive industry, Toyota Motor Corporation is the leading player in terms of revenue, profit and net worth as of April this year (Associated Press).  The Aichi Prefecture, Japan-based automaker reported in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission consolidated earnings of 1.6 trillion yen or about $14.3 billion for the… View Article

Process Strategy and Analysis For Toyota Motors Corporation

Introduction When organizations seek to improve or transform their resources into goods and services, they are, in a way, developing their process strategy in producing their customer and product specifications at lower costs and less managerial constraints. As companies are targeting global markets at present, each organization needs to decide on long-term competitive goals that… View Article

Process Strategy and Analysis: Toyota Motors Case study

Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan’s largest and the world’s #4 carmaker by 2003 sales (after General Motors, Ford, and Daimler Chrysler), had a wide range of products and strong brand names with high quality image. Toyota’s growing reputation for quality and very small numbers of technical problems in its vehicles generated interesting customer loyalty and a… View Article

Strategic recommendation for Toyota

Introduction The growth of emerging markets and their potentials have lured companies all over the world to expand into new markets and get a piece of the benefits. Generally, companies are looking for countries or market that possesses low-risk and high potential markets as a vital source of growth. Nevertheless, this does not mean that… View Article

Toyota Company

HUMAN RESOURCE POLICIES, PROCESSES AND PROCEDURES OF TOYOTA COMPANY LTD One of Toyota Company’s policies is ISO 9001 on quality. The company emphasizes on quality production of vehicles, quality accounting recording and audit. ISO 9001 is a quality certification system recognized worldwide as the alternative yardstick for testing organizations and businesses committed to excellence. Toyota… View Article

Toyota Analysis

Introduction   Having a combined market in 170 countries, Toyota Motor Corporation is a multinational company which manufactures and sells automobiles in international design and standards. TMC automobiles include passenger cars, sport-vehicles, minivans and trucks.  The company also has a division for financial services in order to facilitate loans for purchase of TMC vehicles.   The… View Article

Toyota and Lexus Dominating US Market

INTRODUCTION Toyota is a Japanese company specializing in the manufacture of various kinds of vehicles. It manufactures cars, buses, trucks etc. At the end of this thesis, the question of whether Toyota’s profitability ranks as one of the highest in the world and the reasons for its success shall have been answered. BACKGROUND INFORMATION Toyota… View Article

The Marketing Strategies In The Toyota Company

Toyota Company for the past many years have been known for its quality products and reliability. But the very creativity of Toyota in its businesses and projects which touches every aspect of life was hardly seen by the people. It is when the company tried to create an image for themselves showcasing their eco-friendly activities… View Article

Toyota Motor Corporation

Introduction Toyota is Japan’s principal car company and the second largest in the world after General Motors. It produces around eight million vehicles per year, about a million less than the number produced by General Motors. Toyota markets vehicles in over 160 countries having the global headquarter in Tokyo, Japan. The beginning The important demand… View Article

Toyota: Meeting the Needs of the Customer

Marketing strategies are tactics that can be considered as an integral factor in the success of an organization and a company.  These should be measurable so as to obtain figures for analyses that can later be used in further improvement of an organization’s marketing plan.  To maintain the competitiveness of a business establishment, its organization… View Article

Order Qualifiers and Order Winners for Toyota

Order Qualifiers can be described as aspects of competitiveness where the operation’s performance has to be above a particular level to be considered by the customer. Order Qualifiers may not be the major competitive determinants of success but are important in another way. (Jones, Robinson 2007) Order Winning Factors are those things which directly and… View Article

Resources and Capibilities of Toyota

The purpose of this essay is to apply the resource based view to critically analyse how Toyota use their resources and capabilities to establish core competences, sustain competitive advantage and achieve their corporate strategy. Toyota Industries Corporation was established on November 18th 1926. Their business industries include; Manufacture and sales of textile machinery, automobiles, materials… View Article

A Case Study on: Toyota Revs Up U.S. Sales

Since 1903, Chevrolet or Ford has been the best-selling car brand in the United States until 2002. Between two competitors, Ford is the first position in the market that year Toyota motor corporation of Japan sold cars nearest to the two competitors and Toyota will pass Ford in the very near future as because for… View Article

Quality Management-Toyota

This paper explores multiple published articles discussing Toyota Motor Company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. A review of Toyota’s decisions to hide important information prior to recalls leads us to a discussion of where Toyota can go from here. The paper includes recommendations for Toyota Motor Company in order to move forward after their 2010… View Article

Hybrid electric vehicle

1) Who is the target market for each of the following cars? What do you think motivates them to purchase these cars? A)Toyota Prius B)Toyota Prado The Toyota Prius is a hybrid electric car which is one of the first of its kind to be mass produced and marketed. The unique feature of the Prius… View Article

Toyota Management Planning

In order to keep an organization flowing and to achieve the goals that are set-forth the management teams have to continually watch their planning processes. To make sure that nothing is missed in any of the steps the planning teams such as change management taking charge to monitor the growth is able to happen. For… View Article

Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor is one of the most competitive companies. Toyota was created in 1937 and since then it operates on the international level. Its products are valuable in Japan, North America, Europe, Asia, and many more countries. Toyota Motor is known by producing automobiles. The automobile Industry is very competitive and prosperous. Some of Toyota’s… View Article

Plug-in hybrid

This is an analytical and comprehensive approach for preparing marketing plan for Toyota Prius, the hybrid car, consists of formulating strategies and implementing them, with suggestions for recommended changes and implementing the plan. Toyota is well known for its innovative and excellent quality cars all over the world. Toyota has started the hybrid project in… View Article

Swot Analysis of Toyota

We have analyzed Porter’s Five Forces of Toyota and PESTEL Model of Toyota. Thus in this post, I will list the SWOT of Toyota. 1. Opportunities -Recovery of auto industry: The automotive industry showed the signs of recovery, which is predicted to be gradual. The market will reach a volume of 129. 9 million units… View Article

Swot Analysis of Toyota

We have analyzed Porter’s Five Forces of Toyota and PESTEL Model of Toyota. Thus in this post, I will list the SWOT of Toyota. 1. Opportunities -Recovery of auto industry: The automotive industry showed the signs of recovery, which is predicted to be gradual. The market will reach a volume of 129. 9 million units… View Article

Product Description

For consumers, reliability and running expenses of a product are the determining factors of choice among many options available. According to Blischke and Prabhakar, “High reliability is achieved through design efforts, choice of materials and other inputs, production, quality assurance efforts, proper maintenance, and many related decisions and activities, all of which add to the… View Article

Strategic Management

* 1. 2012 Competitive Strategy ReportPrepared by:Sara Yeap0008VMVM0112 1 * UMW (United Motor Works) Holdings Berhad is founded by2. UMW Background Worth RM10 billionChia Yee Soh in 1917 as anautomobile repair shop (Bicycle) They aretoday and listed one of the top ten listed companies in Bursa Malaysia strongly operating in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Papua… View Article

Case Toyota Prius

2. Outline the major macroenvironmental factors – demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, and cultural – that have affected the introduction and sales of the Toyota Prius. How has Toyota dealt with each of these factors ? Demographic: The Toyota Prius can buy these consumers who can afford to buy expensive but save, comfortable and „green”… View Article

Company Case MKT 202

1. Microenvironmental factors involve actors, who remain close to the company and they affect the company’s ability to serve its customer. The company, suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customer market, competitors, and publics all of these are part of microenvironment. Toyota Prius introduction and relaunch were affected by several microenvironmental factors. These factors are discussed below: a…. View Article

Toyota Case

1) For a long time there has been an alignment of Toyota vision with both Japanese culture and national and international stakeholders. This alignment can be seen in our opinion according two different perspectives: from the innovation activity and from the social responsibility (attention for environment). Referring to the innovation of the product process, Toyota… View Article

Toyota Prius: Dreaming Big with Hybrid Cars

Although I’m not really on the car level the due to the fact that I drive a 2001 Chevy Venture so I made some research about this model, I find out that Toyota Prius was first marketed from 2000 to 2003 in the U. S now they are thinking of improving the next generation Prius… View Article

Toyota Camry Hybrid Price Sensitivity Analysis

1. Ad of a product priced high in its category: Toyota Camry Hybrid 2. Category: Family/mid-sized cars. 3. Prices: ?2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid: $26,200 ?Toyota Camry (non-hybrid): $18,270 – $27,820 ? avg: $23,045 4. Main competition in US (according to Wikipedia. com, prices according to Edmunds. com): ? Hyundai Sonata: $17,195 – $18,445 ? avg:… View Article

Nissan and Toyota Hybrid Engines

Introduction: Toyota and Nissan are immense automotive manufactories. They were both founded in Japan by Japanese founders. Toyota was founded in1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda (Wikipedia, 2007). Nissan was founded by Yoshisuke Aikawa three years before Toyota, in 1934(Wikipedia, 2007). Both of them considered nowadays two of the largest car manufactures around the world. Although they… View Article

Prius: leaving a wave of hybrids

Toyota first targeted the techies (early adopters), who would be attracted to the car’s technology. The techies modified their cars and posted their achievements online, creating buzz that Toyota could have never done on its own. These techies spoke about the car’s inherent fuel efficiency and ways to modify it to get a better fuel… View Article

Cola in Inida

1. What were the drivers of Toyota´s accelerators crisis? Why was Toyota facing a recall crisis? The drivers of Toyota crisis were Strategic, structural and cultural issues. At the strategic level, the cost reduction strategy added with the increasing of the output volume strategy caused a decrease in quality. Furthermore, the structure of Toyota (HQs… View Article