Town Supports Homeless Assault Victim Essay

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Town Supports Homeless Assault Victim

Bob Wirtz is a well-known homeless man in the town of Reynoldsburg, Ohio who has lived on the streets since 1979. One night, he was resting on his usual corner when he was attacked from behind while lying in a sleeping bag. His face was reported to be smashed and beaten like that of a pumpkin on concrete. No one has been arrested due to the little evidence the police had to go on. Residents of the town found out about this tragic event and it inspired them to do something very special. The community raised three-thousand dollars to bay for Bob’s reconstructive facial surgery. Citizens of Reynoldsburg hope they can take it one step further and help get Bob off the streets by finding him a home. (Moriarty)

I believe this attack on Bob Wirtz was a perfect example of the wrongdoing being done to homeless people all over America. Not always is a beating the case; more often than not a homeless person is simply being taken advantage of, which is wrong. To strike a defenseless man down while he is sleeping is not only unfair but is extremely immoral. This leads me to believe that the person was either impaired or he had some kind of grudge on Bob Wirtz or homeless people in general. I also believe that the legal system in Reynoldsburg should do everything they can to find and apprehend the person or people that are guilty of attacking Bob. Though there is a bright spot in this town. The fact that the community would donate three-thousand dollars to this homeless man is a step in the right direction and sets a fine example for other cities.

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Both modern day society’s view on homeless people and the donation of money to a poor homeless man support my opinion on the situation. Modern day society’s view on homeless people is that they are dirty bums who have nothing better to do in life than to sit on the street and beg for money. This is wrong in that many homeless people do in fact have jobs. Unfortunately, they are just temporarily out of a home and have not yet accumulated enough money to buy one. The donation of money to a poor homeless man supports my opinion because it encourages other communities to reach out and do the same.

I believe myself and Mordecai, from The Street Lawyer would have handled the situation in similar ways. My first course of action would be to seek out the person or people who assaulted this defenseless homeless man. Next, though the sum of three-thousand dollars is a good start, I would have pushed for more donations. Finally, I would use the money to buy this homeless man a suitable home because I feel like he is much safer off of the streets. First, I believe Mordecai would have inspired the legal system to make a push for finding the suspects. He probably would have gone about this by constantly pushing and reminding them to complete this task because he is a very knaggy individual who does not take no for an answer. When this was completed Mordecai would see to it that, above all else, justice was done. Though very similar tasks were completed Mordecai and I have a very different way of going about things.

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