Destinations of Tourism Decrease


In 2016 Three attackers arrived and began to fire at a terminal entrance in an airport in Turkey. The attack on the airport could have been a coordinated attack on the airport . 41 people had died and 239 people were killed. 13 of the people were of foreign nationality. The attack had made the flights suspended at the airport. (BBC News, 2019)


Tourists have decreased because of terrorism that occurred in Belgium. The same terrorists that had made an attack on Paris had made a terrorist attack on Brussels in Belgium.

The city of Brussels was under lockdown for four days. There were attacks that were about to occur at the city's airport and the metro station that killed 35 people. (CityLab, Feargus O Sullivan2019)


A roadside bomb hit a tourist bus near the Giza Pyramids recently killing three Vietnamese and the Egyptian tour guide. The roadside bomb had injured 11 Vietnamese tourists. The bus carried a total of 15 Vietnamese tourists.(New24, 2019) (, 2019)


In Afghanistan there are risks of kidnapping hostage taking, militant attacks, hostage taking and bombings that occur in Afghanistan.

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Tourism has become less because of the war that had happened in Afghanistan.. (BBC News, 2019)


Airline flights had been cancelled because of the natural disasters that have happened in Haiti. The earthquake that happened in Haiti had an impact on tourism and caused less tourism to occur..( TripSavvy, 2019)Suriname

Suriname has had many floods that have occurred that have slowed down tourism in the country. Heavy rainfall has occurred in Suriname and caused massive flooding.

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(, 2019)


Papua New Guinea is in an active area for volcanic activity. The common natural disasters are earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. A volcano eruption occurred on January 2018 that had caused an evacuation. In February 2018 a 7.5 earthquake had struck that caused damage to the infrastructure. There are possible travel disruption that occur in events of volcanic activity.. (, 2019)


There have been crime incidents to happen in Aruba of theft in hotel rooms and armed roberries have been known to happen. Valuables from tourists that are left unattended can be easy targets for theft. Incidents of car theft and rental vehicles can occur. ( TripSavvy, 2019)


There has been a drought in Palau that has caused decrease in tourism in Palau. There has been less rainfall in Palau in the year 2016. The drought that occurred in Palau was caused by El Nino climatic changes and a reverse of patterns of wind. (Lubba and Adventures, 2019)

Top growing tourist destinations

Sierra Leone

The beaches

Sierra Leones beaches have soft sand and gentle waters of sierra Leone. There is lush green rainforests in Sierra Leone that can be a good tourist destination.West Africa's best-kept secret is undoubtedly the beaches of Sierra Leone. (ELLE Decor, 2019)

The Capital

The country's capital is a blend of mountains sea and city. It has colourful architecture and friendly locals and good landscape. The capital has something for shoppers that have beautiful West African fabrics. It has hiking trails to explore and there is streets full of activity for tourists that love the city. (ELLE Decor, 2019)

The wildlife

The country has some of the best wildlife attractions on the continent. Some of the best visits are at the Tiwai island Wildlife Sanctuary where endangered species of primates can be seen like the Colobus and Dianna monkeys. The Outamba Klimi National park can be visited with savannah and jungled merged. (ELLE Decor, 2019)


Nepal is the worlds highest mountain system it has the highest point on the planet. Mount Everest. The mountain system attracts climbers and people looking for adventure. Tourists that love mountain climbing can climb the mountains in Nepal. (BEAM, 2019)Cultural diversity

There are more than 35 different ethnic groups who call Nepal their home. The country has many beliefs, languages, culture exist together in the country. Nepal is a beautiful place where tourists can experience different cultures. (BEAM, 2019)The lakes

There are more than 200 lakes that are made from glaciers with clear water. Nepalese shamans gather at the lakes because the lakes are also considered to be places of sacred meaning(BEAM, 2019)


Whale watching

There is whale watching that happens all year round in Iceland with summer being the most popular time in Iceland to whale watch There is also bird watching and island visits during on the ocean going tours. (, 2019)Blue Lagoon

The Blue lagoon is the most iconic geothermal spas and is a tourist attraction that is to be seen for tourists. There is a range of spa treatments at the blue Lagoon. The underground hot springs reach 37 to 39 degrees. (, 2019)

Northern lights

Many tourist guides specialise in northern light tours to see the best night sightings to go northern light hunting and can be good experience for tourists to see the sight of the northern lights . this can be a good competitive advantage for tourism for Iceland. (Guide to Iceland, 2019)


South Korea as an abundance of tourist sites that have natural parks beautiful lakes and mountains for scenic view. Theme parks are rising attractions for tourists to visit the country of South Korea The theme parks in Korea are Yongyin Farmland Seoul Land and Lotte world. Lotte world is the biggest indoor theme park in the world.

(, 2019)


The country of Moldova is very affordable. Tourists can spend less visiting Moldova. There are cheaper affordable prices for accommodation and meals at Moldova. .( All about buses, 2019)

Sights and cultural heritage

In Moldova, there is culture and heritage that has been preserved. There can be learning of Moldova's literature, music, dances and language. Moldova has one of the oldest Christian monasteries in the world called Orheiul Vechi the monastery is 2000 years old. The monastery is on top of a hill that can make it good for an activity for climbing.. There are many museums located at the capital of Moldova the capital is called Chisinau.( All about buses, 2019)


Chile is place for for nature lovers and people who like the outdoors. Within the country, In the country Tourists can find a different variety of landscapes that include vineyards, volcanoes, , deserts, beaches, lakes, glaciers and forests. The culture and the food and people of the country are a good competitive advantage. (, 2019)


Travel friendly set up

Vietnam can feel as if it is made for tourists. Vietnam is set up to be travel friendly for tourists. The English language is spoken widely in cities that are around famous sites and restaurants in tourist areas. The options and resources for sightseeing transportation and accommodation can be accessed. (TripZilla, 2019)


Amazing Transportation

In Japan the trains, buses planes and ferry boats run on time even during harsh weather. The cities are covered with rail lines that makes it simple to go from place to place. Tourists can have good transport in Tokyo to go to different attractions know how to get around. Buses and taxis are similar and the streets of Japan are filled with buses and taxis. The taxis are affordable for visitors in Japan. (, 2019)


Liechtenstein is good for cultural tourism and can be possible to show the diversity of a Liechtenstein. There is many cultural activities that have developed in recent years. The cultural creativity is a part of Liechtenstein like the River Rhine, the castle and the mountains. There has been new cultural venues in Liechtenstein as a good destination. The culture for Liechtenstein is good competitive advantage for the destination for tourists to visit.(, 2019)


Kiribati gives fishing for tourists visiting from an island called Kiritimati island. There are many cultural experience for to tourists to experience . The cultural experiences are unique and amazing. The capital of the country is Tarawa and has historic sites of World war two. (Kiribati For Travellers - Kiribati National Tourism Office, 2019)

Updated: May 19, 2021
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