Tourism in Goa: Places and Tips For Travel

Goa is a beautiful tourist place in India, treasured with gorgeous beaches, churches, shopping, nightlife and many more. Goa offers a couple of other attractions that you could explore and keep yourself amazingly entertained for weeks. But what if we have very less time to quench our wanderlust? Sit back and relax. In this guide, we are going to show the best places to visit in Goa itinerary. You can use these tips to spend your best 3 days to visit most of the best places of Goa.

Tips For Pre-Planning Your Trip

A. How To Go

It is always better, convenient and economical to fly into Dabolim Airport or GOI. We can also reach Goa by a train or a bus but finding a best deal to travel by bus or train is difficult.

B. When To Go The best time to see Goa’s natural beauty is November through February as the weather is clear and mild with low humid and cool sea breeze will be blowing through.

But if you want to have a romantic sight of water falls and white rain rafting, you should go between June to September.

C. Where To Stay It is always better to stay in the South part of Goa if you want to enjoy and relax a pleasant and calm environment. You can always get a taxi or a scooter to get around the city from the kickass hotel you selected to stay.

Day – 1: Relax In Beach

In The Sun, Get Goan food & party all night In The Morning: The first thing you should do after reaching your hotel is to relax and sort with your accommodation, get a bath and head towards one of the most spectacular beaches of Goa.

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I’d suggest you to go Vagator Beach. There will be some nice pizzas or Goan sea foods that you can grab on.

All The Day: You can relax on the sandy beach and can play water sports in the sports bar. If you have some time in the early morning, you can also ride the waves through surfing. Get body massage services in the beach by the experts and can also shop for different types of sarongs.

End of the day: By the end of the day, take shower and get ready to choose and eat your favourite food and drinks from various restaurants in Anjuna Beach, like, Zorba, Anand Bar, Bobby Bar, Thalassa etc., After having the perfect Goan Dinner, head to one of the party zones of Goa in the beach. Some of the best party zones of Goa are Tito’s lane in Baga, Curlies on South Anjuna Beach, Hilltop and Waters in Vagator and Club Cubana in Arpora and many more. You don’t and can’t stop dancing till the sun comes up.

Day – 2: Head Into the Jungle

Get Fascinated by Waterfalls, Spice Plantations and churches. In the Morning: Don’t starve yourself! Head to Vagator beach for tasty and healthy breakfast. If you think that Goa is just a place where nature’s outstanding beaches can be found, then you are probably mistaken. Apart from the coastline, Goa has much more in its heart to offer. Hire a Scooter or a motor cycle and Explore the beauty of the jungles of Goa. Get to know the nature, culture and the wildlife. Go to Ponda and see the spice plantations. Get some delicious Goan food at Hotel Venite

All the day: Go to one of the most scenic waterfalls, the Dudhsagar waterfalls and enjoy swimming in the white waters. From there, it’s better to visit Tamdi Surla waterfalls which is just 25 kms away from Dudhsagar. It is still a mysterious waterfall, which has an ancient Mahadev temple at its base. Enjoy trekking through the steep mountain terrain. Go to the old Goa and see some Portuguese churches.

End of the day: Wander Panjim and do some shopping. Later go back to your hotel and shower up for dinner at Thalassa, a Greek restaurant for various Goan curries and is the best place for night-outs.

Day – 3: Chill Out at More Beaches

You will have a lot of options on your day 3 in Goa. All you have to do is go along the coastline to find more azure colored and beautiful waters in the beaches. You can head towards north part of Goa and reach Ashwem which is just 20 minutes away from Goa. This beach is so amazing where you can catch warm sun rays. Later you can have lunch at La Plage, a popular French restaurant and can also go for shopping.

You may also try Anjuna Beach where you can have a beer at curlies and taste the delicious fish curry. If you go to Goa on a Saturday, don’t forget to check out Saturday night market, Arpora where you can find a lot of yummy and mouth-watering dishes like rotisserie chicken, authentic pizza, thai food and lots more.

If you search more places to hang out in 3 days, there are so many options you could find online. Please let us know if you have tried any one of these places. If you have any better suggestions, we would like to know them all. So, please do leave a comment below.

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