Tourism Destination Essay

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Tourism Destination

Tourism as most dictionary comes from English ‘to tour’ which means to travel. Like a social and economic phenomenon began to be consolidated in Europe in 1880, in 1905 first definition being outlined showing that tourism in the modern sense, is a phenomenon of our time based on increased need for health recovery changing the environment, the birth and development of a sense of openness to the beauties of nature. The tourist can be a person moving for least 24 hours in other country or different from which is his residence. This tourist can travel for leisure, participating to conference, business trip, and cruise.

In addition, we have domestic tourist this means any person who visiting other place than where is his domiciled inside his country, for any reason other than gainfully employed and stay here at least 24 hours may be considered domestic tourist. Antalya is the largest city on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, it ranks among the sought after tourist destinations, the largest resort in Turkey. Located in the foothills of Taurus, the city Antalya has an opening on the Mediterranean. It is administrative and tourist center of the province with the same name and one of the most popular resort on the Mediterrean coast.

In the past was named the capital of Turkish Riviera, not only because of administrative and economic function, but also because of cultural, here you can find historical monuments and tourist attractions important and valuable. It is not known exactly when it began to be inhabited this area of historically. It believed that the king of Pergamon, Attalos II, founded here a city that he called Attalia. In 133 BC, Antalya became part of the Roman Empire occasion they cost a developing city. The Byzantines, Seljuk for finally entering the Turkish yoke, historically controlled the area.

In addition, control of the Byzantine Empire, Antalya has had a major role. Since sec. VII Arabs make their appearance at the city gates, that 1120-1206, Byzantines to control Antalya. The city has a very important role in the events unfolding in the Middle Ages, especially as regards the history of the Levant. Major objective, not to be missed, mention Antalya Regional Museum (which contains a rich collection of pieces agrologic), Ottoman mosques, museum Kaleici and district of the same name which is the old city center.

The number of tourists arriving in Antalya by air between January 1 and April 26, 2009 was 851,520. Between one April was 26, 2009, 361,889 foreign tourists arrived in Antalya by air, Antalya Tourism Office said. Compared to the same term last year, the number of foreign tourists arriving in Antalya by air increased six percent. The time sun and other natural conditions availability have made Antalya’s coast a major center for tourism throughout the year. The number of visitors coming to Antalya between the years 2006 to 2009 showed a continuous increase.

Number of visitors arriving in Antalya in 2006 was 6. 011. 183 and 8. 260. 399 in 2009. In the months of January to July of 2010 a total of 5. 131. 547 was visited Antalya. Most of visitors who visited Antalya they were from Russia and Germany. In 2009, 2. 298. 231 visitors came from Germany and 2. 112. 673, visitors came from Russia to Antalya. Visitors came from these two countries constitute more than half of the total visitors. These two countries have followed by Netherland, Ukraine, United Kingdom and other countries.

Antalya was awarded Blue Flag with 163 beaches and 3 marinas in 2010. Antalya has 163 beaches. Palma de Mallorca From May until-In October, the Spanish islands are a magnet for millions of tourists. Of the three islands – Ibiza, Menorca and Mallorca, the last is the largest and most visited. Whether you want to cross the mountains (Sierra de Tramontane) and roads that meander along the coast or you want to stay on the beach, to visit museums, to get silence in the churches or to dance until dawn in a club, you can do that on a holiday in Palma de Mallorca.

It is an opportunity to start the footsteps of Don Quixote. No, you do not need to fight windmills or giants duel you can get imaginary but, no doubt, of an unforgettable adventure. The easiest way to find attractions Whole Island is to rent a car. A week is not, of course, but never enough for a holiday is enough to leave Mallorca richer cultural, spiritual and relaxed. Public transport network (bus and train) is still well done so you can explore the island even if you have driving license. In addition, if you want to feel truly free, rent a bike and go on the road.

The capital of the Balearic Islands is the largest city in Mallorca; the population of the Palma municipality is approximately 450,000 at the beginning of 2008. Half the population of Mallorca lives in Palma. The city occupies the northwestern end of a bay in the south west of the island of Mallorca. The city council also have jurisdiction over the sub-archipelago of Cabrera including the islands of Cabrera, Conejera, Estella, Imperial, Rodon, Foradada, Plana, and Pobra. The name Palma dates back to the Roman settlement on the site of the present city, although the area was originally settled during the Bronze Age.

In the early Middle Ages Arabs, who named it Madina Mayurqa, conquered it. In 1229, it was conquered by King Jaime I, ruler of Valencia and Aragon, and became an important trade city. Palma saw its dark ages in the 16th century, when a significant decline was caused by attacks from Turkish and Berber Pirates and through plague. Lasting until the 18th century, Felipe V changed the government that made Palma the capital of the Balearic Islands. Later, Carlos III established a free trade pact with the Indies, which had a huge impact turning financials around in Palma.

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