Total Freedom Essay

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Total Freedom

We are ruled under a government, a government that can be fair on something and harsh on others. What if we did not have a government anymore? What if we were free to do what we want?According to, government is the form or system of rule by which a state, community, etc., is governed. In other words, it is a powerful system that is representing as a whole over everyone.Government is a very important role in a society it controls the military duties, justice and administration, and education. The duties of the military are very important to the government and society because they keep the nation save. The military has been respected for a long time because they want to assure the safety of others. The government assures us that we will be safe from huge threats because of the military. If the government did not have the military then we would not be able to fight back if we were ever in that position.

The government is responsible for the military. Another role that the government represents is justice and administration or judicial functionhelps the society to be better off. It includes the role of government in business for the present times like escalating economic activity. Also human habitation of a land requires certain sanitation like a secure environment where people can live in. One final role that the government represents is education. Education is the most important thing in our society. There are very limited things you can do without a degree, no matter if it is a high school degree. Education can open up a lot more opportunities and without it where would we be.

No one really likes to learn, but it is a necessary thing to and in the end everyone is thankful for it. In conclusion, the government plays a very important role in the society, by controlling military duties, justice and administration, and education. Without our military, we would not be able to protect ourselves. With the justice and administration, it helps keep the nation clean and safe; also it helps us with the economy changing. Education may take a while to achieve and you may want to quit, but in the end it is worth it. All of these reasons help our society become a whole and make the government a stronger government.

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