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Topics and Ideas for Writing Causal Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (621 words)
Categories: Activity, Essay, Writing
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Writing a causal analysis essay is not much different from preparing a typical paper. The structure is the same: introduction with thesis statement, main body, conclusion. However, there is one difficulty which may hinder writing a good composition – lack of interesting and worth discussing causal analysis essay topics. If your creative minds starve for grasping ideas, you are reading the right article. Here you may learn what the causal essay is and what its main differences with cause and effect essay are.

You may find out lots of ideas about topics which you can use in preparing your paper.

What is Causal Essay?

If you have never heard about the causal type of writing, you may guess that it is connected with “reasons.” Such a paper aims to describe a problem and explain the main factor which has caused it. As it is usually difficult to identify all reasons and explain them using objective thinking, this essay is sometimes related to speculation and consideration of possible reasons.

The causal essay is very similar to the cause and effect type. It is no wonder because both types deal with identifying what causes some problems and what are the effects. The subtle difference is that the former type of writing is related to discussing more complex issues and focusing on the reasons, and the latter is more about straightforward topics which require considering and discussing consequences.

Interesting Topic Ideas

Whenever you run out of ideas, you can use the following info to grasp some inspiration. You may use those topics for any type of writing as long as it fits main criteria. The further mentioned ideas focus on the causal analysis, and the topics have several variants about the reasons which might have triggered problems. The list below should help you get motivated and begin your writing at once.

It’s All About Time

  1. Generation gaps which lead to conflicts within families. (Different values in the different time period; lack of desire to understand other opinions.)
  2. Why does history repeat? (People don’t learn from the mistakes which were made in the past.)
  3. Why do some people say that there not enough hours in the day? (They get immersed in working and don’t devote enough time to their nearest and dearest; people are overwhelmed with tones of information available from media, and it creates the allusion that the time goes faster.)

Individuality in Community

  1. Teenagers like to stand out from the crowd by behaving eccentrically. (Because of the peer pressure; they didn’t receive enough attention from parents; they haven’t found hobby or interests where they can show their personality).
  2. Graffiti is a kind of vandalism. (Teenagers don’t know how to express their emotions; there is no place devoted to painting graffiti in the city.)
  3. Increasing amount of suicides. (Children who are vulnerable don’t get an emotional education about how to control emotions, cope with stress; not enough attention and loving relationship; misunderstandings between parents and friends.)

Travel Broadens Your Mind

  1. Those places which were pristine are now turned into tourist attractions (Disrespect to local traditions and history; growing interest in tourism; the desire to earn money; poor regions without enough resources.)
  2. Left rubbish in forests and parks. (Irresponsible tourists, ineffective surveillance by police officers; ignorance of local culture.)

Progress in Technologies

  1. Answer the question about the positive and negative impacts on contemporary means of communication? (Quick development of the Internet what cause the appearance of social media; necessity to talk with people from all over the world.)
  2. Internet addiction among youngsters. (Unlimited access to online games which effects violent video popularity; absence of hobbies.)
  3. Cyberbullying (people are not educated about how to protect personal information; lack of police attention to internet frauds and hackers.)

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