Top Three Children Books

Since I don’t have a partner school and all my siblings and close related family are all near the same age. I decided to do the top five children’s books of 2018, and infer why I think they were in the top five children’s books of 2018.

The first book on the top three list is a book called Quiet Tomie dePaola who also wrote the classic Strega Nona in 1975. Quiet has a simple plot A grandfather is on a walk with his grandson and granddaughter, and they are watching bees, birds aflutter and their own dog chasing after a ball.

Then the grandpa invites the his grandchildren to sit on the bench with him, when they stop to rest they notice the other things around them slow down as well. “I can think, when I’m quiet,” says the girl. “I can see, when I’m still,” says the boy.” Tomie dePaola. In my opinion I think this book was in the top three books due to what I see for its cover the illustrations are fairly simple to the young readers and it relates to the reader by Tomie dePaola using time spent with grandparents to really connect to kids.

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This is why I believe that the book Quiet by Tomie dePaola was in the top three books list.

The next book on the list is A Is for Artichoke: A Foodie Alphabet from Artichoke to Zest by Maddie Frost. The book is pretty much self explanatory it is an alphabet book to help teach kids the alphabet and different types of foods.

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What makes this book interesting is that it gives food science fun facts throughout the book teaching kids about cooking and making food along with their alphabet. I believe that this is one of the top three books due to it being super simple, the pictures in the book are easily to identify to children and the fact that it gives fun facts about foods really helps along with the teaching process and keeping the child’s attention.

The final book I looked at was Fur, Feather, Fin―All of Us Are Kin by Diane Lang, this book is about the characteristics of different animal classes and using simple rhymes that could certainly serve as helpful mnemonic devices. In my opinion I believe this book was in the top three due to it being about animals and having rhymes to help explain the animal . I remember when I was younger every book I read had to have rhymes for I would not read it, my personal collection of books I had when I was younger consisted of nothing but Dr. Seuss because his books are nothing but rhyming books. I believe rhymes really keep children’s attention and help retain information about what they are learning about. So this is why I think this book is part of the top three children’s books of 2018.

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