Speaking is the most stressful part of PTE because applicants do not feel confident enough, become flustered, and as a result, cannot formulate the opinion correctly. After the test, we have a lot of fresh ideas and do not understand what prevented us from the rich and detailed response. Speaking shows the language skills in the best way; this is an indicator of your comfort in the English-speaking environment, so you should take the preparation responsibly. In this article, you will find PTE speaking tips, which can improve the results of the test.

Prepare thoroughly

Victory loves preparation. Spend some time every day to improve your speaking skills and listen to audiobooks. You should not speak fast to impress your examiner; try to talk the same as professional readers and record your voice. In this way, it would be easier to notice the flaws and work on it; care about the absence of hesitation and long pauses. This will also help you feel more comfortable during the test.

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One of the most effective PTE reading tips is to clarify the pronunciation of each unknown word and watch movies with subtitles. Find an opportunity to communicate with a native speaker or at least with someone who is more experienced in English than you.

Write down the main information

At the lecture, you should write down everything that can be useful. I want to tell you about the most effective method of note-taking, which is usually applied by interpreters. Write only consonants and put every word below another; the first letter of a new lexical item should be under the last sign of the previous one.

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If you take notes correctly, they will visually look like staircases. Make up your own symbols for the notions which are the most frequent in the lecture. Practice this method in advance, and I am sure that it will come in handy when you become a student.

Many applicants hold the false view that we need our notes only while studying when it is necessary to repeat and learn the information provided through classes. There is a widespread opinion that on the test, it is important to listen to the lecturer attentively without distraction to something else. Actually, we perceive all the information effectively while taking notes.

Pay attention to the main idea

Before the lecture, try to guess what would be the topic. Even if you are wrong, it will be easier to determine it later through comparison to your initial assumptions. You have to structure all the information; find out the main idea, then figure the key issues, and after that, try not to forget which arguments you have heard. Pay attention to proper names and data; everything above mentioned should be written down after the lecture. Try not to miss the moment when the speaker makes a conclusion.

Speak legibly

Legibility is a crucial PTE repeat sentence tip. You may think that if you concentrate on the pace of the speaking, your attention will disperse. A lot of students are surprised when they practice this tip, especially those, who are used to speak fast. Calm pace helps you to keep the thoughts and ideas in order; if you care about that, you will avoid panic and confusion. In addition, it is easier to grasp the information when the speech is mild.

Do not worry about mistakes

You have to concentrate on the topic, not on the time or mistakes. Do not lose your confidence when you make some errors. The program will evaluate your fluency and pronunciation while speaking, so get hold of yourself and imagine, that it is just an ordinary preparation. These PTE tips are known to everyone but often overlooked, which can negatively affect your self-control and self-organisation.

Do not forget about the microphone

Talk constantly. The microphone turns off in case of no sound for three seconds. Pay attention to how people talk while interviewing; they give an extensive and detailed response, referring to all the issues that could be connected with the topic.

Everybody can prepare for this exam; all you need is enough time and motivation. In addition, now you can find many PTE reading practice trial tests online for free and check which of your skills needs improvement.

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