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Top 10 Interveiw Question and Answer Essay

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Introduce yourself Before I start, I’d like to thank you for give me this opportunity by conducting this interview. My name is Jing Shen, and you can call me Jane, I am from Dailian, I was studying and working in Ireland for last 9 years, I got my Bachelors degree in Accounting and Finance at 2008 from Dublin Business school, and just before that, I got a certificate of Business English issued by higher education and training awards council Ireland.

During my study, I also held various part-time jobs, for these jobs, I learned many valuable qualities, e.

g. my first job was in a small coffee shop which had only 3 staff, from this job, I learned how to work in a very busy environment both effectively and efficiently. At 2008, I found a job in shell petrol station as a cash counter, from this job, I learned the ability of prudence by conducting daily stock check and cash counting. 2. What is your least likely subject in school and why?

I do not have a particularly subject that I don’t like during my study, however, these were few subjects that I had less interest than other, in these cases, I would spend more time on these less interested subject, and over time, these subjects often became more and more interesting to me during the study, on the other hand, for these subjects that I preferred, I naturally would study with pleasure, that why my overall result for every subject was quite balanced.

3. Greatest advantage

I think my greatest advantage is taking job/task seriously and have the quality of prudence which probably results from my study of accounting. I am a good team player, I like co-ordinate with others and quite open to take advice/different opinions from others. I enjoy working under pressure and enjoy taking challenges. As result of various part time jobs I have during these years, I am also a very good adaptor, I can learn new suffers in a very short time and transfer them to useful working knowledge.

However, sometimes, I perhaps too persevere with a task to take easy for a while; this is probably also result from my study of accounting. 4. Do you think yourself as a good student? In my point of view, to determinate whether a person is a good student should be based on various aspects, rather than exam result alone. I have fairly well exam result, and also quite good personal development in other aspects, for example, I have very good ethical standard, quite diversified working experiences, the spirit of teamwork and excellent communication skills, therefore I think, yes, I am a good student. . Taking about your family I love my family very much, I was raised in a working class family, both of my parents are ordinary factory workers, although there was nothing special of their day to day work, they still love their jobs very much. My father takes his job very seriously and often working very later without any grumbles. My mother is a great person, she is very kind and warm to anyone, and happy to help other when they needed, therefore everybody loves her in her factory, by watch them, I learned the ability to working hand, take responsibility in jobs and becomes a honest person. . What is your expectation of the industry and its technology development? 7. For the position that you apply for, what do you think you short of? I think I can handle this position very well, however, I do understand I might be lack of experience for this particular job, I think that I can solve this problem very quickly if I get this job, I am a fast learner, I believe I can quickly integrate into company’s corporate culture and get into a solid working state in a short time. . What kind of salary do you expected? I believe I have the competence and ability to doing this job well, however, as you do not give a very detail description of this job, I think we can talk this question further later. 9. What can you bring to the company? I believe receptionist is a very important position for any company, it can add value to your company in at least 3 areas.

Firstly, receptionist is often the first person that clients will meet, I promise I will give them a confident and professional image about our company, if I got this job, I will try to obtain as much knowledge as possible of our products, so I can give client first hand information if they ask. Secondly, I take work quite seriously, and I have quite good memory, therefore, I can give clients better service by memorize their question and requirement, and find most suitable way to dealing these issues.

Finally, I can work as a co-coordinator among clients, management and staffs, I also able to give accurate and timely information to any departments when they need it. 10. Do you have any other question? Would you provide any training or development programme for your employees? Could I participating such programme? What are the promotion criteria or development route for your company? 10. What are the most difficult and most successful things during your life so far? For me, the most difficult and successful experience is actual the same thing which is studying in a foreign country.

I was only 21 years old when I went to Ireland, before that, I was never away from my parents, at that time, my English is very poor and I did have any marketable skill, I did not know what is my future like, finding a job, learning the English, everything is hard to me at first and I had no one to support me. However, I didn’t give up of myself, by working hard and with my own efforts I overcome these difficulties. In the 9 years which I studied in Ireland , I finished my degree and accomplished 9 of 14 subjects of ACCA exams, and I can proud to say, I earned every penny of the tuition and living fees during my overseas study.

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