Tony Horton Essay

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Tony Horton

One person I admire is Tony Horton, there are not many people who I do admire nor even catch my eye but Tony is the one person who stands out to me. He does not work for corporate or some fancy organization in the professional business world, but he does have an outstanding business a fitness business to be exact. He is the lead instructor and trainer for Power 90 X (P90X). Power 90 x is a series of fitness’s which include a number of fast paced movements and 30 to 60 second workouts all in a matter of 45 -65 minutes.

The workouts performed in just 45 minutes are equivalent to what would normally take a person an hour and 45 minutes in a gym. This program is structured to help a person to lose weight and tone their body as well and becoming a healthier and stronger person in just 90 days. Tony Horton is the leader of this organization, he encourages and motivates all of his followers not only the ones in the class but also the ones who are watching and following him from their own homes. He leads by example and keeps a positive attitude portraying it to others around him.

Tony demonstrates integrity by living by example. What I mean by living by example is that he has worked so hard to get the body and shape that he has now. He eats right and is continuously staying active and fit which he tells his audience to do as well. He is very honest, if there is something he has a hard time with he tells those that are following him that it is even hard for him. He works out every day and properly treats his body how he tells others too. He is a very hard worker and gives his best every time he performs.

What makes this organization stand out is that it really works. It is proven to show outstanding progress and change. Anyone who decides to do this and follow it correctly will have the most strength, power, physical performance and health they have seen in themselves. If I was in Tony’s place I would definitely make the same decisions and choices. I feel he is an honest, hardworking, positive and motivating leader. He has a great business and it is a well-known multimillion dollar business. He is fit and lives his life in a way according to his word and organization.

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