Tomorrow When the War Began Film Review Essay

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Tomorrow When the War Began Film Review

Tomorrow when the war began is an adventure movie written and directed by Stuart Beattie. It is about the occupation of Australia by a foreign power. The film began in the Hunter Region and the Blue mountains, in tNew South Wales, Australia on 28 September 2009 with early shooting in Dungog.

The film starts with a video recorded by Ellie Linton (Caitlin Stasey). She said a sentence at the beginning, “from the beginning” to tell us the story. She is the protagonist and the leader of the camping group.

Firstly, Ellie and Corrie Mckenzie (Rachel Hurd-Wood) are suggesting to go camping together and Ellie said she might want to invite more people or friends to join them. Corrie’s best friend is Ellie. Secondly, they found some neighbors, which are Kevin Holmes, Corrie’s boyfriend (Lincoln Lewis), Homer Yannos, Ellie’s next-door neighbor, Fiona Maxwell (Phoebe Tonkin), Lee Takkam, the one who Ellie’s interest (Chris Pang) and the youngest character, Robyn Mathers (Ashleigh Cummings).

During their first night of camping, Ellie wake by a lot of aircrafts sounds and the jet fuels. All of the people start to wake up also. They feel badly about the town and they start to pack up and go back to their homes. Since they arrived, there was no one in the town. Ellie’s home was the first stop. They went into her home and looking for her family. They found that her dog was dead and the electricity has shut down by unknown reason. After that, they continued to go to each person’s house.

It’s the same with Ellie’s. Upon reaching a small hill, they found that the citizens of the town included their families are being detained by a foreign group. Soldiers spot Ellie and her friends and Ellie saw a man with a shot to the head on the ground get shock then ran away. Then they planned to save their families and used their power to blow up the bridge to against the soldiers. Finally they planned to fight for their families, tomorrow when the war began.

There’s a scene which Robyn pick up a gun and kill a soldier to protect her friends. This is one of a big issue in the film, it’s telling about is it right to kill people if it is for self-defense. Robyn is a religious girl and she broke the rule to kill people. I think this film’s theme is this issue because they have to reach their mind and have pluck to fight.

The good thing in this film, I think it can clearly show about Australia’s national security, the moralities of warfare and the European invasion in Australia through Ellie’s video log. It was a interesting way to start the story. It shows a very realistic story by video recording. Looks like Ellie really filmed the truth of the Australia.

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