Tomorrow Never Comes Essay

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Tomorrow Never Comes

Before i start i want to share a story. Story of a boy who lived with his father they both fight with each other the boy always wanted to say to father that how much he loved him but always delay it for tomorrow one day two officers came to his apartment and told his father that his son died in car accident. thus the moral of the story is that never delay any thing for future because you never know you will be able to see it or not I started my speech with the quote of Albert Einstein

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow” what Einstein wants to say here is that always learn from your past mistakes because mistakes are the best teacher never lose hope even if you fail always try something new never thought of past what’s done is done you can’t change it live in now seize every opportunity you’ve got now if you done all the things in present then hope for the better future dream big to achieve more and you will find your maximum potential. But we can only hope for future nobody saw the future unless we have the power to saw it but we don’t have the power so we can only make predictions for the future but never sure of it what future holds so, spend quality time with your family and friends don’t postpone the things for tomorrow maybe today is the last chance if you want to do something for the future do if now don’t wait for tomorrow because what if the day we so called tomorrow never comes.

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