Tom Robinson Essay

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Tom Robinson

When people talk about the ideal human being, the person that everyone aspires to be, they all think about different authors and sporting legends. But, the perfect human in my eyes is in fact a black man going by the name of Thomas Robinson. Tom Robinson was a man that was a great friend, excellent worker and now an inspiration to me. He was a person who had strong morals and he never went contradicted these. All these morals that he sustained throughout his short life were all ones that benefited the society, except for the fact that it was due to these morals that he died.

He meant and did no harm to anyone in Maycomb and his services to the country were much greater than anyone would expect from someone like him. He did nothing but good to the community. We will all forever be in debt to his soul. Tom was a loyal worker of mine before he passed away. He has been my best worker within days from when I employed him. He would work as hard anyone else I had ever employed if not harder, even though he had only one good arm. When Tom was just twelve, he had gotten his left hand stuck in a cotton gin and tore all the muscles loose from his arm.

His arm was destroyed in this accident and it had never been in use since. But remarkably, he still managed to pick cotton faster than many of my other workers. Tom worked so efficiently and in the eight years that he worked for me, not once did he cause any trouble. Not once. My other workers would cause all sorts of problems, but Tom did not cause one. He just ignored them and did the tasks that I had set him, and did them well. Tom was one of only a few men that I could trust with my life.

When you asked him to a job for you, he would do it without hesitation and always did that job to an exceptional standard. But this is not why I truly admired him. What made Tom so special and contrast from the rest of society was his ability to not judge the people of Maycomb based on their colour, and this was very rarely found in this small town. He viewed people not as whites and blacks, but as equals. It was something that we as citizens of Maycomb struggled to grasp, but Tom was an exception.

He was someone that respected everyone regardless of anything besides what was inside them. If the jury during the trial were like Tom, he would still be alive and with us today. Sadly in the end, Tom Robinson’s morals and ethics outweighed his common sense. His will to help others clouded his thought process and he did not realise what he had gotten himself into, until it was too late. Befriending and helping Mayella Ewell was truly out of good will but it was not very wise. I constantly asked him why he was wasting helping her when he could be with his children.

He would always say that his children had Helen, but Mayella had no one. This sympathy that he displayed was commendable. If Tom was thinking straight, he would have realised that associating with a white woman was undoubtedly going to end on a sour note. But I guess that was the Tom we all know, never refusing to help anyone, regardless of who they were. His death came as an absolute shock to all of us as we knew that Tom would never harm a fly. Though Tom is physically not with us all today, he will always be kept close to our hearts.

His death should also cause the death of something else, prejudice in our country. His death has taught us that the race or colour of an individual does not say anything about an individual; it’s what is inside them. Tom Robinson may have been coloured on the outside, but it certainly did not mean that he was black on the inside. His death has made many more people in Maycomb realise that not all black people are bad. The view of coloured people being inferior needs to be changed and Tom’s death is step forward in achieving this.

Hopefully, the death of one innocent man will prevent the death of many more men wrongly accused. This is where Maycomb needs improve to become a better town. Tom’s death will never be done justice, because he did nothing but good to this prejudice country. He was a great man and he did not deserve to die like this. All we can do now is wish Helen and her children the best for the future and hope they manage without the man in the house. Goodbye Tom, we will all miss you so much. May your soul forever rest in peace.

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