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The experience of moving into the world can challenge individual’s beliefs and attitudes. The texts The Story of Tom Brennan and Edward Scizzorhands illustrate this through their featured themes of belonging and the introduction to a new world. The Story of Tom Brennan illustrates that the introduction to a new environment can force an indiviual to rethink their beliefs and attitudes. The plot takes Tom and his family, the Brennans out of their home town after tragedy strikes and they are forced to move and “start from scratch” or readjust to their new surroundings.

Tom is an unwilling candidate in choosing to settle down and participate in activities he otherwise enjoyed, due to the recent trauma to his life and the difference that his new settings provides, in terms of their methods of carrying out activities. For instance Tom, in chapter 14, displays an unwillingness to really “get into the game” when he and his football team go away for camp, stating “The 16As would be better than this lot… ” implying that the previous footy teams he had been a part of were better than the one he was in because of the way they played.

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By the end of this camp though his ideals around the matter and towards his fellow players had changed with Tom’s thoughts being “I meant it when I said the Bennie’s fellas were okay. They were top blokes. ” It is in this way that the protagonist’s beliefs with regards to the way things should be done and attitudes towards life change as time progresses and he is forced to readjust to his new surroundings.

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The protagonist’s experience of moving into the world has meant that his beliefs and attitudes towards the world have been challenged by a change in his surroundings and the culture of it.

Edward Scizzorhands explores the concept of new experiences by questioning the beliefs of an individual through the eyes of the protagonist, Edward. Edward is an artificial man developed for use in a factory with the unusual oddity of having scizzors for hands. As he is adopted into a loving family and community of people who don’t understand his differences, Edward is forced to face the barrier of living in an environment where his scizzor are an inconvenience, being in a world full of people with hands.

As the plot progresses, Edward’s belief that he can use his scizzors as normal hands is questioned as he is faced with everyday challenges that require a person’s hands to operate. Such as Edward’s first dinner scene the rest of the family are skilled enough to handle cutlery as Edward is left to skewer vegetables with his scizzor hands – he is incapable of lifting a fork with his scizzors.

Edward’s belief that his scizzor can be used like hands, similar to those around him is questioned as his prior though is faced with the difficulty of pcking up a fork, and he is therefore forced to rethink this. Edward’s attitude towards his surroundings, being that he has a fresh start and that he wants to be of as much help as he can to the people around him is challenged in the final scenes of the movie, as Edward is faced with exile from his once-were neighbours.

This is a result of his scizzor hands causing unintentional injury to his friends and his neighbours lack of understanding towards the situation. From this, Edward’s beliefs and attitudes about his supposedly friendly environment and fresh start have been challenged by his surroundings, as he had previously chosen to enter a world so different that no one could understand or relate to him personally.

The experience of moving into the world can challenge an individual’s beliefs and and attitudes demonstrated by the texts, The Story of Tom Brennan and Edward Scizzorhands. The personal background of the characters Tom Brennan and Edward are the causes for their difficulties and obstacles faced in their new worlds. This causes them to the challenge of learning to face problems they have never experieneced before. It is in this way that they prove the following thesis: The experience of moving into a new world can challenge an individual’s beliefs and attitudes.

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