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Tom and Jerry Essay

There’s no denying that television programs, even those intended for children, may contain violence of some sorts e. g. ‘Ben 10’ contains fighting between characters, ‘Poki?? mon’ contains battling and ‘Tom and Jerry’ contains the occasional argument and fighting. On the other hand, television programs can also contain acts of compassion, love and affection. In this report I am going to study the effects of what children view on the television and to what extent it may effect young children and influence how they behave, think and feel about the world, themselves and those around them.

In a well-known study, Albert Bandura (1961) found that young children would either copy; acts of aggression or acts of compassion shown by their parents, and replicate it towards a blow up doll, which came to be known as a Bobo doll. [1] He concluded that young children’s behaviour is influenced by those who act as role models towards them, which as we know, many television characters are often idolised by young children or imitated in imaginary games, between young children and their friends.

It has been found that, on average children aged two – five years old spend thirty two hours a week in front of a TV, watching Television, DVD’s and playing video games(Patricia McDonald 2009) [2] Some people may argue that the increase in hours spent watching television may influence the later lives of our future generations. How accurate is this accusation? The Invention of TV: The invention of television is most famously linked to Phil Farnsworth on 7th January 1926. [3] In 1936 the BBC broadcast the world’s first television service with three hours of program viewing a day.

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Although it was not until 1951 that the first colour television was introduced in America. The invention of colour television boomed and by 1972, 21 years later, over fifty percent of televisions owned at home were colour TV’s. This shows how important technology, and indeed having the latest technology, was back then, which is something that arguably hasn’t changed in today’s society, in developed countries. In 1992 it was recorded that there were averagely 900 million television sets in use around the world, it was estimated that 201 million of these were in the United States alone.

[4] How has the introduction of television therefore altered behaviours or cognitions of people since its invention in 1926? This is a key question which I shall later study in order to help me answer the question ”to what extent does television influence behaviour in young children? ” The invention of the radio is also closely linked to the invention of the television and the first radio station to broad cast in England was called ‘2MT’ and was lead by Guglielmo Macaroni.

[5] Initially Macaroni was allowed only to use thirty minutes per day to broadcast. The watershed on television was initially introduced in 1964, following numerous reports and complaints about inappropriate viewing for children before nine pm. Although at this time the BBC were not technically committed to this requirement and shockingly, it wasn’t actually until 1980 that the BBC announced that they would also monitor viewing and deem it suitable for children as well as adults (family viewing as it was known) up until 9pm. [6]

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