Tok – What Is Art? Essay

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Tok – What Is Art?

Sunflowers – This piece of art is a masterpiece because of its realistic features that expresses its beauty. Also comparing to the natural sciences its realistic features makes it a source of truth but is it really the most real painting? Also this could be a painting depicting empathy for the flowers in our life that we do not water… 2. Fountain – Art has to be something unusual to stand out, a different interpretation or a different intent by the artist himself.

A good art in my perspective is something that is more than normal, more than the daily life or even something that changes my perspective looking at the world and this surely is creativity. And if anyone could take a urinal and make it a fountain why didn’t they, why only Duchamp? 3. Untitled – A blank piece of canvas may be able to depict enlightenment in us. A Blank piece of canvas, that’s what our mind should be not painted blank in everything new we learn in our life; no prejudice, no ideas at all. 4. Rock Concert – Music personally is a very valued form of art for me and is in a higher place than the other forms for me.

Words in this can be used for education, enlightenment, wisdom, truth and even a change in perspective. Also the guitars, the drums and the synths when combined together are a very high level of creativity and not everyone can connect all of them into one ongoing song. 5. Happy Birthday song – A great source to release the happiness in one’s day, for example if anyone would sing this to you on your birthday you would really feel involved and joyful. It has a beauty of its own, nothing like this can be replace this evergreen song.

Sportsman 100m run – The elegance in the long steps of this runner just a perfect movement of body to beat most of the resultant forces such as air resistance, in addition the perfect power in every step to maintain the same top speed and pace. An art for sure. 7. Copy of Sunflowers – This lacks a lot of creativity and realism. The originality is not there, therefore it is also not valued but the beauty in the painting is still not lost and if the viewer was told it was the original then it be considered an art, but not like this.

Beautiful Fountain – A piece of architecture representing beauty and novelty, surely considered as an art. It has originality, creativity and a different perspective making it beautiful. The intension of this art might be to evoke wonder in one’s mind showing the passion of the artist. 9. Poem by a Computer – Computer being a splendid innovation and invention in the human history and a poem produced by it is even more creative and art like. Although a computer might not have a brain in it but it is designed by someone with brain giving it a processor; a Half mind.

Could be a form of art if you have a wide perspective about it and I do think this is art. 10. Theory of Relativity – One of the world’s most creative theory of all times built up on so many different levels of science itself, making a whole new branch for itself in the area of science. A beautiful theory highly educating but it might not be very accurate but it still does satisfy to be an art for me. 11. Foggy day – A title for the piece of art will decide the perspective of the viewer on itself. The title is what brings the viewer into the playful game of wonder and imagination about the painting.

Intention here might be to depict many unknown things to man that lay all foggy in from of us, the land still to discover. 12. Funny Cartoon – Intension lies clear here to evoke the emotion of joy and playfulness in the viewer and having originality it is considered as art. A very good source of education for children by not always. 13. Clarinet Concerto – Art can be considered to be in all forms if we look for it, in this piece of art there is surely creativity, beauty, elegance and originality. Satisfies all the criteria of art in my perspective and surely considered as art.

The perfect copy of Sunflowers – Not considered as a piece of art because it has no creativity or originality. Plus the intent of the artist is dull making the whole painting very dull and boring to look. It may invoke wonder in the viewer’s mind of how could the artist create a perfect copy of this, he may even consider copying so perfectly a form of art too. 15. Hamlet – These words would open you up to a whole other side for you, evoking a very sad emotion, portraying reality and also it might be even successful in changing your perspective.

Some people may think that words do not affect them but for me it is this way and I consider writing stories such as hamlet an art. 16. Taj Mahal – A magnificent piece of architecture and a wonder of the world who cannot deny this as a form of art itself a whole new level of art. Also being built in the old ages it makes it even a mystery of how they even set up such a magnificent wonder that even man nowadays would not be able to replicate it with even better resources.

Sheep cut in two – It has not creativity nor does it satisfy the eye of the viewer. Majority of the population are blood phobic; especially a sheep’s. Slaughtering a sheep and storing it in such a way is just not appropriate for my eye and I do not or will never consider this as an art. 18. Building site – The bricks and timber arranged in such a way shows clearly how creativity can be expressed in more than just one way. Clearly a form of art.

Swan Lake – A dance so creatively arranged is for sure an art. Evoking emotion though the step of dance is a very rare art and a very difficult one too. This may express the reality to the viewer and also evoke multiple emotions as they pass this magnificent course of dance. 20. Hiroshima – A clear statement of the destruction of Hiroshima in 1942, showing reality and realism too. Also stating the truth about the Hiroshima bomb blast and educating how America slaughtered Japan in order to end the world war 2.

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