How To Incorporate Real Life Situation Into Tok Essay?

Everyday, since humans were born, we have sought knowledge. As babies, we are introduced to a huge spectrum of new things, in which we all have to learn what they are and what they do. As adults, we are still introduced to new things, but these things may be more complicated. Throughout our lives, we are on the pursuit of knowledge, however many obstacles stand in the way. One of these obstacles, maybe the biggest one of them all, is emotion.

Emotion is the building block in which knowledge is standing on.

We experience all sorts of emotions, from sad to happy, from cheerful to angry. These emotions give us a sense of knowledge, whether it be about ourselves, or about something else. These emotions may also sometimes be justifiable and sometimes may make no sense at all. Sometimes emotion can be a good thing and sometimes emotion can be a bad thing. Arnold Bennett once said, “There can be no knowledge without emotion.

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We may be aware of a truth, yet until we have felt its force, it is not ours.

” Knowledge will never be fully recognized nor be understood without emotion however sometimes that emotion may get in the way. Knowledge gives us inside information about why we feel the things we feel. You may feel terror at one point in your life and you might wonder why. Is it because of a past experience that caused you to be scared of it, or is it because of no reason what-so-ever? I, for one, am scared of cockroaches.

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Why you may ask? Well it may be because of a past experience but I may not just remember it. Or maybe it’s because it’s a bug.

However none of the beforehand mentioned answers our true. I am scared of cockroaches because of its darkness, it’s ability to fly and its ability to crawl on you at any point in time, even when you’re sleeping. How do I know this? Because of knowledge and emotion. Without knowledge, you would just feel things and not know why you felt them. Without emotion, you would of never pursuit more information about the critter. One big thing that emotion causes is curiosity. You may be curious why this happens or why that happens. That is when you set out to find out.

You may wonder one day, “How does that stove cook up that frozen food so fast. ” You then go and find out by hovering your hand over the stove and feeling the heat, or maybe touching the stove yourself and burning yourself. With that you also experience it firsthand instead of watching it on your couch or reading about it on your bed. You feel the heat and learn that the heat heats up the food and makes it alright to eat. You may also learn that the stove is hot and by touching it, you would be dealt pain which would hopefully keep you from touching it again in the near future.

If you would of seen someone doing it on TV, you would of not felt that pain, and learn from the mistake of touching the stove. Another example of this is cooking. By watching someone cook a pizza on TV, doesn’t mean you know how to cook it. You need to go out and experience it yourself and learn how much of this or that to put on it or how long you need to put it in the oven. You have taste which is a huge factor in this. Emotions can also make us miss huge opportunities to feel or experience something new. Say you are invited to go skydive but you’re afraid of heights.

The fear of heights stops you from feeling the sensation of diving out of a plane and into the sky. You miss learning something new and your chance at facing that fear. Sometimes emotions can also cause us to forget something we learned. If it was a bad experience, and a horrible emotion went along with it, we may block it from our mind and won’t look upon it again until a later point in life. With that, you don’t learn anything, and you may even forget important pieces of information that may be essential to a bigger picture or a future event in life.

Knowledge and emotions are a pair since the beginning. They are like Adam and Eve. Without one another, the other would cease to exist. They complement each other by “helping” each other out and through that you learn new things about yourself and your surroundings. Even though the affects of emotions on knowledge may be good or bad, they are necessary in our world because it would be un-real to know everything there is to know. And even if emotions and knowledge weren’t connected, it is impossible to know everything because there is always new information out there for you to find.

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How To Incorporate Real Life Situation Into Tok Essay?

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