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Tobacco Prevention Essay

Essay Topic:

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Tobacco Alcohol (or any other)
i) Using interventions for reducing tobacco use among the users

ii) Carrying out smoking bans


iii) Taking measures to reduce intake by minorities

iv) Using provider reminder systems that govern the providers of these products about the implications to the users

v) Using school based methods of interventions to educate the effects of tobacco to students.

vi) Using community based task force to help educate influence of tobacco to the people

vii) Increasing campaigns towards cessation of tobacco use

i) Using interventions for reducing alcohol use among the users

ii) May not necessarily need bans on its use

iii) Measures to reduce the alcoholism by minorities is highly necessary

iv) Reminder use systems may not necessarily be important though can be used.

v) School based methods of interventions may be highly recommendable.

vi) Community based task force may be of necessity in preventing alcoholism

vii) Cessation campaigns may be of necessity.

(1) Distinguishing methods of preventing tobacco form that of alcoholism or any other behavior.

2) Tobacco use policies

The policies to prevent tobacco use should virtually be constituted at all dimensions that run from local campus and state policies. Local policies are those that should be aimed at controlling and preventing the general use of tobacco within the local society. This could be through the application of cordial measures and policies that are aimed at articulating and monitoring the use of tobacco within the society.

Campus policies should be instituted aimed at regulating and monitoring the levels of tobacco use within the campus boundaries. Such policies will therefore help to reduce the proficiency of tobacco taking among campus students. The state policies are the overall counter measures and policies that regulate the overall use of this product. It should define the requirements, penalties, regulations and relations between smokers and the rest of the state structures (Robert, 1999)

3) Three major policies on tobacco taking

Controls on advertisement Increasing campaigns on cessation Introductions of smoking bans
– Aimed at reducing the motivating impact to its consumers.

– Can be achieved through increased cots and regulations on advertisement

– Manufacturers entitled to indicate a risk warning on their adverts.

– Social programs aimed at reducing the use of tobacco

– Smokers are given awareness of the impact of smoking

– Aim to govern interventions for both current and future smokers.

– Penalties aimed at reducing smoking

– May be imposed to the providers, manufactures or the smokers.

– Culprits are made to pay penalties and charges for their break of legal regulations

4) Tobacco developmental programs

Various developmental programs can be instituted on tobacco use. Firstly, adequate information about the dangers of tobacco should be developed by all participants. Elsewhere, controls that govern to reduce the level of supplies to ensure the lowest levels of supplies should be instituted. This could be through governmental regulations that may posit regulatory framework about the levels of tobacco supplies by the manufacturers and the providers. Additionally, controls on advertisements that reduced extravagance in such adverts should be developed. Controls on advertisement would be important in reducing the levels of motivations in use of tobacco by the consumers (Robert, 1999)


Robert, T (1999) Prevention and Societal Impact of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. London, Routledge

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