To what extent did the american revolution influence the French revolution?


My Research question: To what extent did the American Revolution influence the French revolution?

1. Look at several different pages to get a better understanding of topic. 2. Transfer data you have found out onto word document into your own words, for you to understand. 3. Search influences of the French revolution.

4. Note down any thing that has to do with the American Revolution as well. 5. Note down why the French wanted to help the American and how this influenced the Revolution of the French.

My 3 sources: A website, a video and a book! I will use a website as a source, because it is the most common and will be fairly easy to find something. A video, because they are informative in an understanding way and a book because there a several different books about the French Revolution, finding the different causes and connecting those with the American Revolution.

This topic is significant, because due to several causes of the American Revolution the French occurred, changing history of the French completely.

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The Americans saw the French for inspiration, changing the entire system of how France was run and giving power to not just the king. And Americans protesting and rebelling against the British Monarchy, fighting for life and liberty inspired the French. What would’ve happened if the French didn’t help the Americans? There would be fewer reasons for the revolution and what would’ve happened then?

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To what extent did the american revolution influence the French revolution?

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