To What Extent Did City Life Improve in Victorian Britain Essay

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To What Extent Did City Life Improve in Victorian Britain

In Victorian Britain life was busy and overcrowded because of the industrial revolution. During this time people who live in villages moved to cities and coal was found in Wales. The coal that was found led to new factories and more jobs.

Life in a industrial city included transport so people could get around and not have to walk everywhere, education for younger children and adults to led to better jobs, working conditions for all those who worked in the factories and mining this was a improved, the hygiene meant people could be cleaner and more cures for diseases, entertainment for peoples enjoyment and physical happiness and the diet of people for newer tastes and better or healthier eating. All of these factors improves life in Britain and has changed life for us now.

The transport in Victorian Britain has changed by making longer journeys shorter. The most significant change is the invention of trains and boats this helped to transfer things off quicker and receive them quicker. For transport the new developments were in 1830 the invention of the train came along, this decreased the amount of time to get to places. The trains were powers by steam also known as the steam train. That same year the canal boats were invented these were used to carry goods from places. Then in 1885 bikes were invented this meant people were to get more exercise.

In the 19th century the first car was made, the car went up to 4 mph. The impact of these changes are it make life a lot easier by helping food and other goods to get to places quicker this means the food and other goods will not rot or rust on there journey. But the most significant improve meant is the inventions of the train and boats because trains help the people and boats help the peoples health by giving them fresher food. The invention of the car has had the greatest impact on today’s way of living from Victorian Britain.

The car has been improved through out the years and is now seen as the biggest invention in Britain. The people who benefited from these changes are the poor because they can go on holiday and have a fun time whereas the rich can go anywhere on the new transport inventions and us in the 21st century because we have improved on what was invented back in Victorian Britain. The people who suffered from these changes are the people who worked on the trains because they suffered from the poisonous fumes. The poison can cause breathing problems and then led to death.

Another bad point is the boats because if the weather is bad the boats were not built with strong enough materials so they would be damaged or broken and this could cause deaths for the people abroad the boat. In my opinion transport was better for the people in Victorian Britain because it made life faster and it saved time. The new inventions were affordable for the rich and the poor so everyone could enjoy going on journeys. The education in Victorian Britain has changed by many children and adults would now get a good education.

The education for children is free with no charge this will led to the children having a better future, with more jobs and more money. The education has many new developments which are in 1870 children aged 5 to 13 were expected to attend school for free from Monday to Sunday. Then by 1883 children were expected to have two hours of school everyday, this is good because the children in Victorian Britain will be able to make new inventions in the future because of their education now.

In my opinion the impact of these changes of children being able to work for free is it will make them cleverer and they will have better knowledge the improve life in Victorian Britain and life now. But the most significant change is children were expected to have two hours of education everyday because that is fourteen hours a week of education. The amount of hours that children are educated has impacted on our education today. The negative points about the education are the lessons were boring because the children only copied of the board and did not learn anything.

The lessons need to be more fun to make the children more interested in learning. If they misbehaved or they did not understand the teachers would be punished the children by whipping them or hurting them by getting the cane out. I my opinion the children’s education was better because the children are given the chance to learn and with the knowledge they learn they can led to better jobs and more money in the future. By the children being educated for free it stops the children from working in the factories which causes many deaths.

So there is a greater population of children in Victorian Britain. The working conditions in Victorian Britain have changed by the children’s health and safety in the factories. There were many injures and many deaths. But the main change was how many hours everybody worked. The working conditions in 1832 changed by children aged 9 were banned from working whilst children aged 13 could not be made to work more than 9 hours a day. Then by 1847 there was a maximum of 10 hours a day for women under 18 and children aged 13 were no longer allowed to work more than thirty hours a week.

Then in 1871 workers were allowed trade unions which allowed the people to gain more money. In the early 19th century a man called William Wilberforce helped bring an end to slavery in Britain. In my opinion the impact of these changes are the children’s working conditions because throughout the years the children’s health and safety has changed because in the 18th century the working conditions the very bad and there would be many injures and deaths of children.

The most significant change is the amount of hours everyone worked because the hours have decreased massively even though woman are still being paid as much as they were before. The negative points on the working conditions are in 1820 children were forced to work from Monday to Saturday for 12 hours and 6 hours on Sunday. This means they would work 78 hours a week and still not make any money from what they did. That same year in 1820 40% of the people who worked suffered from injures, poor health and safety. Then in 1842 conditions in coal mines were terrible.

Something had to be done so the people in Victorian Britain called for change. Mining was profitable but the owners provided very little protection for their workers; there were over 1000 deaths every year. People who worked in factories were not paid very well. The owners would pay the workers with tokens that were not very valuable, these tokens were only allowed to be spent in the factory shops which there weren’t many off anyway. In my opinion it made life worse because of the working conditions in the factories.

People had to work because they were poor and needed money but if they were only being paid with non valuable tokens then the workers are not being treated fairly. Also the workers were putting their lives at risk by working in the factories or by working in coal mines this could lower the population of Victorian Britain. The hygiene in Victorian Britain has developed by the nurses and doctors wore cleaner clothing and small pox cure was invented. There was a new sterilisation room and more medicines were available.

There were cleaner water supplies and the reinforcement on the sewers helped the whole of Britain. The impact of hygiene and living conditions has changed by the nurses and doctors wore cleaner clothing this means their cloths do not carry as much dirt and germs as they did before. The small pox cure was a big impact of change because the illness, small pox, has caused many deaths which have decreased the population in Victorian Britain but the new invention of the cure for small pox will cause fewer deaths.

The new sterilisation room and the greater verity of medicines meant people could be worked on and have a greater chance of living from the new medicines such as Anaesthetic and Antiseptic was introduced in the mid 19th century. But the most significant change is the cleaner water supplies and the reinforcements on the sewers, because with the cleaner water there would be fewer illnesses caused and more people would drink less beer and have the cleaner water instead. As for the reinforcements on the sewers, the sewers will not be as weak as they were and the sewage won’t flood into people’s houses or cause any illnesses.

With less sewage around Britain, Victorian Britain will be a lot more hygienic city. People who benefited from these changes are all the people in Britain because the improvements were open to anyone in Britain may they be rich or poor. The new hygienic ways was meant for everyone there was no one who genially suffered from the changes. In my opinion the hygiene and living conditions have been better for Britain because the death rates lowered by 60% due to hygiene and 40% of the people who suffered from the hygiene were strong enough to join the army. So the hygiene has improved significantly in Victorian Britain.

The entertainment in Victorian Britain has changed by there is a bigger variety for people to choose an entertainment. The entertainment changed significantly over the 19th century. In 1824 blood sport was banned so there would be less deaths and more entertainment in Britain. That same year in 1824 the first public bath came out. This meant people could be cleaner and enjoy meeting friend and socialising more. Then in 1835 the first camera came out, this brought huge amount of entertainment to the people in Britain and everywhere else around the world. In the 1840’s the train was the new biggest transport.

This brought new experiences and it was a more entertaining way to travel and go on holidays. In my opinion the impact of these changes are there is a bigger variety for the people to choose an entertainment. People socialise more with each other and made friends with a lot more people. By the new entertainments people got more exercise by going to the baths or on the trains, by doing this the people of Victorian Britain will live a longer and more entertained life. But I believe the most significant change was the variety of new sports that people could watch or do themselves.

The negative point is that for entertainment people went down to the pub and would drink too much beer and end up being drunk. This is because the landlords put salt in the food and the beer so people would get thirsty and drink more then they would get drunk. When they are drunk they cause violence and glass bottles would be thrown at them for being drunk. This could cause death or injures. In my opinion it made life better for Britain because the entertainment now is the same as it was in the 19th century. In Victorian Britain this is where it all started too led to the entertainment we have now in the 21st century.

The most significant thing that made the entertainment change was the stop to blood sport and violence for entertainment instead the people of Victorian Britain began to love animals and use them for their own entertainment. The diet in Victorian Britain has changed by improvement of the quality of food because of inspectors. This means the people will live longer lives because of the food they ate. There will be less disease going around because of the people in Victorian Britain’s diet. In 1824 a man called John Cadbury opened a shop which sold drinking chocolate which it better than drinking beer and alcohol.

Then by the 19th century John Cadbury sold his chocolate in bars to eat which was one of the biggest sold items on the market. In my opinion the impact of these changes has improved the quality of food because the people of Victorian Britain get to taste new flavour which healthier food. But the most significant change was the new inspectors that can round to look at all the food that was being made in the factories, to see if it was safe and healthy to eat. By the inspectors coming round this meant there would be less diseases because the food should be good to eat.

The negative points of the diet are the healthier the people are the more they are made to work because the stronger they are. Also the working class of food could not afford to bring in new healthier food so they were still unhealthy and the people of Victorian Britain were not getting a healthy diet. This led to diseases still being caused but because of the new transport the food was getting better and not rooting. In my opinion the diet was better because less people were drunk because of the new drinking chocolate and people would get addicted to the chocolate so it did not cause problems.

Food businesses grew bigger making new foods and more affordable food that will still taste as good for the people in Victorian Britain. My conclusion is in Victorian Britain people have changed significantly in all the factors. But the main factor that has changed Victorian Britain is the transport because I believe it is the biggest factor of the industrial revolution. The transport has linked up all of the factors, the transport is part of the entertainment because the people get to see new places and have more experiences. The transport links with the diet because if the food does not come over quick enough then in will rot.

The transport and the working conditions because the working conditions on the train were terrible and people died from the poisonous fumes and people need to get to work fast then they should take a faster transport. The transport links with the hygiene because if someone was to be rushed of to the sterilisation room then they would take the fast transport to get there. The transport lastly links in with the education because the children need to get to school so they could take the train to get there. These entire factors link in with the transported so I think this is the most improved Victorian Britain.

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