To the Customer

To the Customer Services Department of Extra Stores

Dear Customer Services

I write this letter to explain my claim and to bring your kind attention that on 3 February 2019 I went to your store corniche Al Dammam branch and I bought 3 iphone x and for a total price of 9600 Riyals, I am still keep the original bill with me.

I bought these phones for my friends because they gradations from college, and I told the seller that I want two of them gold color and the other black.

Unfortunately, your seller has not performed well because a few days later when I gives the phones to my friends I discovered that all of them are black also, two of the phones has a lot of technical problems which mead me very sad and embarrassed. The first phone it was doesn’t work in Saudi Arabia when my friend put his SIM in the phone it’s given to him a message “your phone its only work with American SIM”.

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The other one has problem with battery, my friend connect the phone with the electric after 15 minutes he smells a burning from the wire so he detaches the wire and he saw swelling from battery side.

I send an email to Apple company to resolve the problem with the phones and they said you should have call the exclusive agent in your region because there is a guarantee for the devices. So, I am making this demand to refund my money or exchange the devices.

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I look forward to your reply, and I will wait until one week before seeking help from a The Ministry of Commerce and Investments.


Abdulrahman Alobaid0555827006

To our Customer

Saudi Arabia, RiadhFebruary 16, 2019

Dear Mr.AbdulrahmanThank you for your letter and taking time to explain the issues, and we would like to express our deepest regret for the inconvenience caused by this unintentional mistake.

We are so sorry indeed that phones it was damaged, but we would you know that its rare mistake with some devices that we had received from the original company. We take full responsibility for the error that you faced with us and we have taken many steps against the seller because in our company we have strict customer service and satisfaction policy.

On behalf of everyone at Extra Stores, I want to apologize for the defective product that you received from us, and we will exchange your damage phones. We have a reputation of keeping our customers happy also so we will give you 40% discount for your next visit.

We looking forward you to visit us again, and please inform us if there is anything else we could can do for you.

Best Regards.Customer Services Department of Extra Stores

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