To Maintain a Commitment to Professionalism

I maintain being expert every day by letting all families in my care know we have a confidentiality policy, that we carry out each and every day talking about just the info we require to with appropriate employee. Children and their family’s details will only be discussed if we feel abuse or disregard exists. Then we are needed to inform the correct authorities. I demonstrate being expert by following the job expectations involved for my position. I constantly have a positive attitude with my kids and families and colleagues daily.

I get here on time and am prepared to start my day immediately. I dress properly for my day ensuring I have clothing nice but can take part in untidy activities too. I use good judgment when making decisions for the children in my care.

I am an advocate for each child I have by satisfying their academic, psychological, and physical requirements daily. Each child is treated as a person.

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I also supply a quality instructional program to all kids in my care to support success for them. If a kid shows indications of developmental delay I work with the household and any companies to make sure a bright future for them. I benefit from any opportunities used to me to continue my own education and growth. Keeping upgraded on any new laws and guidelines plus brand-new mentors and always aiming to find out more will make me the finest teacher I can be. CS VI a

I chose to become an early childhood professional because when I got out of high school I needed a job to pay my bills.

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But the main reason was because I loved being around children and at the time I did not have any of my own yet and there were none in my family either. So I thought “what a great way to spend the day and get paid to spend time with other people’s kids.” In the beginning it was really hard though. It was not all playtime, there were rules and regulations to follow. There was also daily planning to ensure the kids stayed busy and engaged at all times. Of course lots of hand washing and potty training, but even after all that I still could not stay away. I had found my calling and after 14 years this is still the best thing that I ever did besides having my own child, who is now 8 years old.

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To Maintain a Commitment to Professionalism

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