To Kill a Mockingbird – is a must see Essay

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To Kill a Mockingbird – is a must see

To Kill a Mockingbird, is a story told through the eyes of a young girl named Scout Finch (played by Bailee Madison) who grows up in Alabama (Maycomb County) during the Great Depression when blacks and whites were very much segregated. The story revolves around the ideas of racism, poverty, ignorance and discrimination. Boo Radley(played by Guy Pearce) is the main source of Dill (played by Kenton Duty) Jem (played by Greg Sulkin) and Scout’s fascination because he is very withdrawn, which is very strange in Maycomb- where everybody knows everybody, because he is so reserved he is given a bad reputation of being mentally unstable. People discussed many rumors that are later proven to be completely false. Growing up in a town where everyone knows each other she and her brother, Jem Finch are hounded and taunted at school because their father, Atticus Finch (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) is an attorney who takes up a case in which an acquitted, Tom Robinson (played by Shemar Moore), a black man is accused of attacking a white girl.

He’s up against the rooted racial power structure of the Old South, severe bans against interracial sex, as well as the pride of the girl’s disadvantaged and brutal family (The Ewell’s). Because their father is protecting a black man in a court of law, they are bullied at school and decide to watch the trial, realizing that their father isn’t the man they thought he was. Throughout the beginning of the story Jem and Scout see Atticus as a feeble man but during the trial they both get a newfound respect for their dad. Scout and Jem both recognize the strength in Atticus and the respect he commands of those around him.

Little things like the mad dog and the way he handles himself in front of the mob at the jail make them realize how strong their father is regardless of physical age. Bob Ewell wanted to get revenge on Atticus for completely destroying his dignity during the hearing and to suffer during the post-trial period. Therefore, he wanted Atticus to experience the pain he felt. Hence, he attacked Scout and Jem, in the hopes of killing them. Boo Radley heard Jem scream and came outside immediately to help them. He grabbed a kitchen knife on the way out and stabbed Mr. Ewell up the ribs in attempt of saving Jem and Scout.

To Kill a Mockingbird

The scene I chose is the court scene because it symbolized life, or death to Tom Robinson. It also would affect the Finch’s because during that time people were narrow-minded and would see them as sympathizers to the blacks which was unheard of in a small southern town during the 1930’s.

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