To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

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To Kill a Mockingbird

Have you ever encountered a situation that dealt with race? I think everyone has in some way or form. Maybe someone of a different race was treated unfairly just because they’re a different color. Or someone could have been given special privileges because of their race and the law is that they’re innocent until proven guilty. Well in this case Tom Robinson in being convicted of a crime he did not commit. Mayella Ewell has sent Tom to trial. During the trial, the town people, family members, and friends show prejudice toward Atticus for defending Tom and toward Tom for just being an African-American. Tom Robinson is being misjudged and mistreated only because he’s black.

Before the trial has even started the juries have already stated that Tom Robinson is guilty. The juries aren’t even Toms peers they’re 12 racist white men. No matter what evidence is presented at the trial, the racist jury would never, under any circumstances, acquit a black man accused of raping a white woman.

Mayella had a bruise on her left side of her face which meant that someone that was left handed had hit her and so Tom couldn’t have done it cause his left arm was crippled. He could barely manage to put his left arm on top of the Bible to swear. Atticus was asking Mr.Ewell if Mayella had any medical attention at all and he said no. Tom later is wrongly convicted “Guilty . . . guilty . . . guilty” after Atticus gives indisputable evidence of his innocence, and “not one iota of medical evidence” is presented to prove that the crime was even committed at all. After Tom was charged guilty he was sent back to prison.

Later on after Tom’s exercise period, Tom started running and started climbing over the fence. The cops told him to stop but he didn’t listen so they shot in the air and then shot him 17 times. Tom Robinson is being misjudged and mistreated only because he’s black. The color of Tom’s skin should not be the reason why Tom is being charged guilty and been treated unfairly at this trial. Tom is innocent and will be innocent until they have actual proof or an iota of medical evidence.

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