To Have a Baby Essay

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To Have a Baby

When couples have their own babies, they will experience positive things in life. For one, having a baby can change their life for the better as babies symbolize the miracle of life. Another is that it can also bring joy and happiness into their lives while easing away any of their emotional burdens. Finally, it can also train couples to become more responsible as they grow older. Babies symbolize the miracle of life and for perhaps the best reason. A newly born baby provides people a reminder of the wonders of life.

From the baby’s moving arms and legs to the baby’s first cry, all of the things that a baby does are proofs of life and can only assure couples that their child is a symbol for their fruitful existence. Babies can ease any emotional burdens of couples since babies bring joy and happiness into their lives. A simple smile or chuckle from a baby can easily lighten the mood of anyone, especially the parents of the baby. It can be said that the laughter of a baby is infectious; those around a chuckling baby is sure to feel the same way, if not act in almost the same way as the baby.

A “bad” day can easily turn into a bright and happy one when babies begin to smile at their parents. Having a baby is in itself a training process since the tasks involved in rearing a child from birth onwards are crucial. From changing diapers to making the baby fall asleep in one’s arms, all of the things that couples do for the welfare of their baby is a training process that nurtures them into becoming responsible individuals as parents and as members of the society.

There are more positive things that babies can bring into the lives of couples, thereby making life happier for these people with fewer reasons, if any, to be disheartened. To raise a child from infancy is a challenging but rewarding experience that can only be compared next to nothing. To have a baby is to essentially have all the reasons in life to be happy and satisfied.

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