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To create various drama pieces Essay

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In this portfolio, I am going to explain how we explored and were influenced by the drama stimulus, a play called “Blood Brothers”, to create various drama pieces. To create these drama pieces, I needed to find out what are the messages behind the play. The messages are also a form of themes. Therefore the messages are also called the themes. I am also going to compare contrast each of these themes. I have recognized some of the main themes. These themes are the most obvious themes; o Mother’s love for their sons o Class – Working class vs.

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Higher class.

o Twins that are separated at birth o Superstition o Childhood and Adulthood o The city of Liverpool, Lifestyle there. o Comedy vs. Tragedy o A Love Story Blood Brothers shows the great emotions between the mother and her children. It also allows us to feel and get an insight to what lengths a mother can go to for the sack of her children and for the well being of her children. Blood Brothers shows that a mother can even give up her child, not because she doesn’t want it but she cant afford to keep it and when she does give it up its in the child favour.

That’s what Mrs.Johnstone did with one of her twins, Eddie. She gave him up because she could not afford to keep him. Well-being is also and important factor of class. Well-being does affect ones class, for simple reasons, if you are brought up well with a wealthy parents, and full education then you automatically became higher class. Being higher class can interoperated one in many different ways, in the sense that if someone is higher class then stereotypically they are full of pride, are said to be proud, big headed and arrogant. This is the kind of role played by Eddie and his “parents”.

All three of them show pride within them selves, but Eddie wasn’t as proud has his parents. Mrs. Lyons family are described to be inferior to Mrs. Johnstones family. But Mrs. Johnstones and her family are the complete opposite compared to Mrs. Lyons and her family, in personality ways. For instance, Mrs. Johnstone’s family they show no pride in them selves, as well as they are more loving and caring then higher-class people. Separating twins isn’t something higher-class people would usually do; they would rather have their own children and won’t usually adopt either. But in this case Mrs.

Lyons couldn’t have any children so she had to take one of Mrs. Johnstone’s twins. This was the only opportunity she had for having a child. She didn’t really care about separating the twins as long as she got a child. On the other hand, Mrs. Johnstone wasn’t really given a choice whether to separate her twins, because Mrs. Lyons skimmingly made Mrs. Johnstone swear upon the bible, because she knew that if she did that Mrs. Johnstone couldn’t say no when giving the child to her, as Mrs. Johnstone was a very religious person. Blood Brother shows that what lengths a woman can go to just for a child.

This made me apologetic towards Mrs. Lyons. Superstition plays a big part in Blood Brother because Mrs. Johnstone was very superstitious. There were many sections in which superstition was mentioned. One of them was the superstition about “if twins ever meet they would both die”. That was the fear behind the whole story, that was also the reason why Mrs. Lyons forbidden Eddie from meeting his “Friend” Mickey. The other superstition that accrued was the superstition about “if there are shoes on the table, then something bad will happen” that occurred when Mrs. Johnstone worked for Mrs.

Lyons. But the bad thing that happened was the twins were separated. Blood Brothers go through many phase’s, in which time has moved is described. These phases that it goes through are the ages of Mickey and Eddie. They are; o Before the birth of the twins o Straight after their birth o At the age of 7 years old o At the age of 14 – 15 years old o At the age of 25 -26 years old The age that they meet for the first time is when they are 7 years old, but at this age they don’t know that they are brother. They don’t meet again after that until they are 14 – 15 years old.

They lose contact again when Eddie goes to University and when Mickey goes to jail. They then meet up just before they both die. Liverpool is where Blood Brothers is based, the lifestyle “Up North” is different then it is here in London. Everyone there has an accent apart from posh high class people. Lifestyle in Liverpool isn’t incredibly different then ours here in London, the only difference their probably is, that it is more open out there then it is here, as London is a main city but also Liverpool has country side, that is where Mickey and his Family moved to after their houses was bulldozed.

There life changed when the got there. The where more independent and were allowed to go and play out until late and little things like that. If you think about it, nearly every story has Comedy and Tragedy, So does this story. There are many funny sections in the story, segment like when Mickey and Eddie are 7; they talk about Sammy (Mickey’s older brother) and about the fact that he has a plate in his head. That was one of the funniest sections in the whole story. I also feel that the most tragical atmosphere was when both brothers died.

They were the main characters in the whole play, and when they died it made me well apologetic towards them both, whether they were right or wrong. Love is one of the main reasons Eddie and Mickey both died, the reason being is because Eddie was in a way having a relationship with Mickey’s wife. Even though he knew that they were married. The cause for Mickey’s temper to raise and get to the stage of killing Eddie was because Mickey had always loved Linda (Mickey’s wife) every since they were 7. They always had a soft spot for each other but it never publicized until they were 15.

They then decide to get married when they were quite young. In this love story there was also a child, Mickey’s and Linda’s child. The reason behind why Linda went to Eddie was because Mickey was in jail for committing a robbery. Linda was left alone with this child and was depressed, she needed a shoulder to cry on, and that’s why she turned to Eddie. She didn’t turn to start a new relationship, just as a friend so that he can give her some friendly advice on what she can do but all that turned in to a new relationship between the two. When Mickey found out he couldn’t control himself so he went to shot Eddie.

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