To Analyse and Compare How Two Poems Present Their Ideas Essay

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To Analyse and Compare How Two Poems Present Their Ideas

‘Not my business’ by Niyi Osundare is a poem that is linked to war and slavery. The poem uses modern language and more poetic devices, which makes it quite easy to understand and more interesting to read. ‘Vultures’ by Chinua Achebe is linked to a more sinister but romantic theme. This poem is not as easy to understand like ‘Not my business’ because the language used is more formal and the author uses more descriptive words and less poetic devices. So these poems are quite different but have a few similarities. Not my business’ relates to war and slavery because it talks about people being taken away and beaten up.

This poem has a hidden message which is ‘what goes around comes back around’ also known as Karma. This is because the main character in the poem doesn’t help other characters in the poem when bad things happen to them, so at the end something bad happens to him. ‘Vultures’ is about two vultures that are in love. This poem’s hidden message is that even ugly creatures can find love and that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The author also compares the vultures to humans.

Not my business’ uses a variety of poetic devices such as similes, personification, metaphors, alliteration and repetition. It uses a more devices and they are more understandable than ‘Vultures’. A simile used in ‘Not my business’ is ‘Beat him soft like clay’. This simile was used to describe how Akanni was beat up and it shows that the people that beat him up were very strong as they describe it to be ‘soft like clay’. An alliteration used is ‘dragged Danladi’. The use of this alliteration emphasises the way they dragged him and it suggest that they dragged Danladi quite roughly.

A personification used ‘the jeep was waiting on my bewildered lawn’. This personification gives the sense that the lawn was scared because the jeep was waiting which gives readers the sense that the character was scared was scared when the jeep was waiting for him on the lawn. From this you can see that ‘Not my business’ has uses devices in a more understandable and clear way. ‘Vultures’ has less poetic devices than ‘Not my business’, but it uses a lot of descriptive language. An alliteration used is ‘drizzle of one despondent’.

This alliteration creates a sinister scene for the readers. A metaphor used is ‘telescopic eyes’. This metaphor tells the readers that the vultures have very good eye sight as they can see from far away like a telescope. ‘Vultures’ doesn’t use any other poetic devices unlike ‘Not my business’ which has a variety of poetic devices. The language used in ‘Not my business’ is more modern than ‘Vultures’ which makes it easier to understand. ‘Not my business’ also has less descriptive language than ‘Vultures’. The poem uses figurative language at ‘A knock on the door froze my hungry hand’.

The use of ‘hungry hand’ tells reader that he was very eager to eat as his hand was holding the food. The language in this poem also suggests that the poem is from a different culture, most likely an African culture, with the use of the word ‘yam’. ‘Vultures’ uses more descriptive language than ‘Not my business’. The descriptive language creates a sinister and mysterious scene image to readers. The words ‘greyness’, ‘drizzle’ and ‘despondent’ create a very mysterious atmosphere but this is quite similar to ‘Not my business as that use ‘lengthy’ absence which is also quite mysterious.

The readers get a grim image when ‘Vultures’ say ‘Picked the eyes of a swollen corpse’. This is a grim image because the readers will get an image of a lifeless body being eaten. It is also shown in ‘Hollowed remnant’ because this shows that there wasn’t much left of the body after being eaten by the vultures. ‘Vultures’ also shows language of romance and this is shown on ‘nestled close to his mate’. This is different from ‘Not my business’ because ‘Not my business’ doesn’t have any romance or good relationships.

The repetition of ’What business of mine is it, So long they don’t take the yam, From my savouring mouth’ makes ‘Not my business have a rhythm. Unlike ‘Not my business’, ‘Vultures’ doesn’t have rhythm but the lack of rhythm makes you think deeper into the content of the poem. None of the poems have rhyme in them. So the poems have a few differences and similarities compared to each other in different features. I preferred to read ‘not my business’ because I understood it more and I found it more interesting with the wider variety of poetic devices that were used.

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