"To All the Boys I've Loved Before" by Jenny Han

It’s a sweet book that is surely focused on love, however there are heaps of intriguing thoughts regarding affection, dating, and sexual desires. This includes when Stormy gives Lara Jean a piece of advice, "Your body is yours to protect and to enjoy." Ultimately, there’s a sweet moral about facing challenges, regardless if you are harming your heart. Lara Jean and Peter kiss, and a video of them making out in a hot tub becomes a web sensation at school.

Lara Jean has a straight to the point talk with Stormy about sex. Later she talks talks with Peter about his past sex life with Gen and about how she isn’t ready to take their relationship that far.. Lara Jean and Peter are fascinating characters since they experience a great deal of good and bad times however they show that love always wins.

Lara Jean’s father is widowed after his wife passed away, yet he truly makes a decent attempt to be in his little girls’ lives.

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Mr. Covey cherishes his little girls and gives a listening ear when they have issues. He always offers direction and sympathy to Lara Jean, especially about her humiliating viral video experience and guarantees her that she can talk with him about any subject. People around their community see his commitment to his family and appreciate him for bringing up three astonishing girls alone after his wife died. I like Mr. Covey as a character because he shows people what it is like to have an amazing dad and he is just dedicated to supporting his family and I love that.

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Gen jokes that if Lara Jean were pregnant, Peter would only work for half of it because he doesnt wanna be a father. Lara Jean observes Gen’s dad kissing a 18-year-old young lady. Gen confirms that her father is undermining her mother. Gen lies about posting the video of lara jean and Peter in the hot tub. I like Gen as a character because it shows that someone who may be rude or mean may have more going on behind the story. They made Gen as someone who is kinda like ' don’t judge someone's story because you were only apart of one chapter'.

John Ambrose is another main character right now. At the point when he was young, he was depicted to have had a stammer, which made him bashful. Lara Jean also said he was someone to be "somewhat in his own head", and not certain about himself. When Lara Jean meets him once more, she is shocked at how he’s transformed: he is working on being more certain about himself and all the more sure. John Ambrose is, as depicted by Lara Jean, "sweet", and a "simple individual to hush up with".

Ultimately, all the characters are pretty fantastic, and Lara Jean and her sisters are so real. This book can really show you what it is like and has a lot of morals to it and these characters portray different morals such as judgement, honesty, love, hatred, etc. This book really opened my eyes and showed me what love is like and has changed a lot of my morals.

Updated: Jun 04, 2020
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