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People in nature love to work and love their jobs, but when they start to get bored or lose interest or face problems motivation shows up. Motivation is considered as a very powerful weapon yet deadly because it can make any business to either succeed or fail. It’s related to management and leadership at the same time because if people get demotivated productivity will instantly decrease and vice versa. Melissa Richardson unfortunately faced several forces at work that affected her ability to lead and motivate properly, which made her fail as a manager.

Melissa Richardson faced many issues when she arrived at the company, since she didn’t have total control on the employees. Richardson was determined and enthusiastic at the beginning but the obstacles she confronted were too much for her to handle, so in the end she gave up and surrendered and decided to quit her job as a manager. First when she arrived and realized that some of the staff members were absent, she got disappointed because she realized that no one was serious at what they did.

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Her team members were very informal, meaning they didn’t have a proper dress code to wear because chaos was roaming through the whole company. The employees were resistant to change, especially Alex Hoffman because he couldn’t accept Melissa as a manager so he refused to share any information with her. The main dispute was that there was no synergy between her and the team, since they refused to listen to her and share what they knew.

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Mr. Hoffman is money driven, that’s why he refused to focus on lower volume selling of cut flowers. Mr. Torres is motivated by creativity and not hard sales, evidenced by his effort with the grocery customers and his ideas for a web-based sales system. Ms. Vega has mediocre sales, seems unfocused and distracted by events outside of work. Mr. Ruiz is driven by a chance for more responsibility and insists on his promotion. Ms. Peterson claims exclusion and demands preferential treatment (Dzemyanovich, 2019). Richardson was supposed to find ways to abolish chaos by motivating her team either physically or verbally, but instead her ways of motivation were Friday pizza lunches and ice cream cart celebrations. Motivation is very crucial because when the workers lose interest managers will stimulate them through incentives, so they will produce more and will truly give from their hearts which will lead to high returns for the company. Melissa could have motivated her team either physically or verbally; physical motivation occurs when the manager gives a tangible incentive such as money at the end of the month, or a big promotion at the end of the year. For example, Melissa could have promoted Hoffman or gave him a raise in order to stimulate him to work better, trust her, and share information with her. On the other hand, verbal motivation isn’t tangible so it can’t be touched because it’s a type of communication were the message is transmitted through words. For example, Melissa could have motivated Torres since his sales numbers were low, by making him the employee of the month for instance or praising him to work harder. Another example, when there is war and the general gives a motivating speech for his soldiers and they win the battle. Motivation is considered as an impulse and to assure that many theories were made: ”Equity-Theory”,

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