TKAM Racism Essay Essay

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TKAM Racism Essay

“I have a dream that one day, little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls.” – Martin Luther King Jr., 1963. Racism is one of the world’s major issues today. Many people are not aware of how racism affects our schools, jobs, and social networks. Justice is determined fairly; justice can be biased, all races are treated equally; all races are not treated equally, society provides for equality; society creates equality. Justice is determined fairly; justice can be biased. Justice is determined fairly means no matter what race the person is. Justice will be served not based on the race, sin color, etc. Justice can be biased means that person race, skin color, eye color, etc. will affect the outcome of the situation either positively or negatively.

In the book, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Tom Robinson is accused of the raping a white girl, Mayella Ewell. Bob Ewell, the father, really just beat her and put the blame on Robinson because before the beating occurred, Robinson was here, helping Mayella. In the courtroom, the judge and jury members all were white. Of course, they were biased towards Robinson, because he is black. They found him guilty of raping Mayella, even though there were clears signs that bob Ewell beat Mayella. The only reason Robinson was thrown in prison was because the white jury members were being prejudice. Just because of his skin color, they found guilty.

It wouldn’t be biased if only the jury were not all white people. If it were people of all race and nationality, then the verdict decided would be a little bit more fairly. Justice would have been served much more equally. Boo Radley from the book, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” is another person who had faced never having justice until saving Jem and Scout. Boo has been locked in a basement and has faced emotional abuse from Mr. Radley and Nathan Radley. Boo had never done anything. Mr. Radley got boo locked up by saying that he was killing everybody and nobody has ever seen him since. People have made up ridiculous stories and descriptions of boo, even when they do not even know him or his story. They described him having yellow and rotten teeth and that he ate squirrels with his raw hands. Everyone assumed that he was nasty, veil and scary.

But when Jem and Scout were rescued by Boo, things changed. Justice was made by the accomplishment Boo had done, not by the rumors heard. If the rumors were not made in the first place, people would not have doubted Boo. All races are treated equally; all races are not treated equally. All races are treated equally means that each race is treated as equal as the next; There is no top and bottom race. Every race is treated with the same amount of respect. All races are not treated equally means that there is always going to be at least one face that is not treated fairly as another. Not all races get the same treatment every race will always be looked at differently from one another.

In the movie, “Every Other,” Charles M. Byrd explained that black in the day, Europeans have promoted political agenda of the slave trade. Political agenda basically means to promote one face over another. The Europeans were saying that they were better than African people and that Is the reason why they are slaves; Them promoting political agenda influenced others to do the same. It also promoted people to buy slaves. Africans being slaves were already enough, but to promote political agenda had crossed the line. Obviously, this shows that all faces are definitely not treated equally. If there were no slaves at all, in the first place, then races would have been treated more equally than they were then, and now. Political agenda was promoted only because of Europeans. All races are treated unequally because of people thinking they are better than others.

Police officers are more likely to pull over black people. In the movie, Susan Graham discussed with her mixed son about “Driving While Black.” “Driving While Black” came from African Americans complaining about police officers pulling them over or no reason; just because they are black. One example said in the movie was if an officer sees a black man dressed as a bum, driving a nice car, the officer will think that he stole it, and pull him over. That is racial profiling. Racial profiling is a type of discrimination, basically blaming person for breaking the law, based on their race or cultural background as the reason. In the case, it is treating black people unfairly by assuming they had done something illegal because of their skin color. What is amazing is that only black people get his kind of treatment. Only black people are getting treated unequally in this case, and also others. Just because of their skin color, police automatically think they have done something bad.

Having being treated equally, cops would not stop a black person driving. Society provides for equality; society creates inequalities. Society provides for equality means that society treats every race equally and that society allows for every race to be equal. It also means that society provides everything for races to stay equal. Society creates inequalities simply means society is not fair to all the races.

Some races get the special treatment from society, and others do not. Society creates all the drama between races. In the article, it says that some groups are assigned to perpetual low status, whole others were permitted access to privilege, power, and wealth. The reason to that is because society gives the privilege, power, and wealth to that certain race. A race cannot just get all that for no reason. Society is the one who will pick and chooses at who will get special treatment. Usually, the skin color will affect that decision. To exemplify, white people are usually the ones to get better opportunities and treatment than the back people. Society causes all the problems and tension between races.

Drama is also caused by society between races; comparing and contrasting which race is better. That gives others reasons to discriminate against a certain race, giving one access to privilege, power, and wealth. If society had not compared and contrasted who was better, then no certain race would be assigned to perpetual low status. No certain race would be granted access to privilege, power and wealth. Society judges people for everything they may have, such as race, hair color, or skin color. Unequal populations of Europeans, Native Americans, and Africans are because of society. The slave trade has made society look more into the differences between the three races. Society was basically saying that African Americans were slaves because they are so much more different from Europeans and Native Americans; because of their dark skin and frizzy, kinky hair.

Society is the one who set the race up for discrimination. By pointing out their major differences, they have influenced Europeans and Native Americans to think they are better than African Americans and that they are the only ones to receive all the privilege, power, and wealth. And that African Americans was the group to perpetual low status. Society created that inequality for African Americans. Society had caused the inequality for black people and others also too because by discriminating and disrespectfully those of the African descent. All races are actually not treated equally, society creates the inequalities, and justice can be biased. People are judged every day, everywhere by their race, skin color, eye color, etc. Racism is a major issue and not many people know it. Society takes a huge part in racism. Racism can be stopped, only if people would realize that everybody was born

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