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1. Explain how cells specialize to form specific tissue and organs.

Cells specialize to form specific tissue and organs by getting the right balance of temperature, ph balance, and hormones. They also must make sure that these soon to be tissues are exposed to things that would normally happen inside the body.

2. Explain what is already being accomplished in the areas of tissue and organ bioengineering and what still remains to be accomplished.

We are already able to accomplish to create and input simple organs such as a windpipe.

We can also create skin to put on the body that can help prevent death and infections. There are still problems such as it’s a lot harder to do organs that are larger and more complex. The skin gun although it worked is still controversial and isn’t one hundred percent efficient as it can have negative effects.

3. Discuss how these medical advancements impact individuals and society.

These medical advancements impact individuals and society because they can lead to less deaths, more people will live longer and without having to have lives that are always impacted on since the procedure.

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Tissue and organs
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