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Tips for getting and staying motivated Essay

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“Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.” – Bradley Whitford (actor (https://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/4811922.Bradley_Whitford)

Sometimes we get frustrated or tired.

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We want to quit working or training. But suddenly we feel a motive deep inside ourselves by hearing just a sentence. That sentence destroys all those negative feelings, gets us back to work and makes us do our jobs better than we used to do. My topic is about the effect of motivation on athletes’ performance. I was always a fan of sports and now I’m training volleyball so one day I can become a professional volleyball player. Athletes get motivated by their coaches, family, friends, and fans. As an athlete, I like to know about the influences of motivation. So I chose this topic and I’m going to go deep through it and share all the knowledge and information about it.

What is the motivation?

To motivate is to encourage someone to do something as desired, and motivation is having that encouragement. Motivation is generally described as the force that urges us to do actions. Becoming motivated makes us work hard and push us to accomplish. It is the act of stimulating someone or oneself to do an action. Motivation is a key to reaching goals. It is also the answer to questions such as: why and how do people work. Motivation requires needs and goals. Every action is because of needs and wants, so it’s better to get motivated for a faster and better response to our needs. According to authors Bernard Bereslon and Gary Steiner,” a motive is an internal state that leads and directs one’s behaviors towards goals and objectives. Our actions are either voluntary or involuntary. The involuntary actions are reflexes and the voluntary ones are activities involving motivation. We never observe our motives. Instead, we infer their existence from what people say or how they feel and how they work to reach a specific goal. Here is an example: “why do you go to school?” Its answer is consistently given in terms of motivation. We go to school to learn and gain knowledge and then go to college, get a degree, get a job and live a comfortable life. There is a motive behind this answer. It is true that we go to school to meet combinations of these needs. Someone who fathoms your motives can see why you do thing the way you do. Nevertheless, sometimes motives the exact thing that is going to happen. Instead, it guides us to a series of events that might take place. So we can conclude that motives guide us to make forecasts about behaviors.

Types of motivation

There are different kinds of motivation. Each one impacts and affects behavior in its own unique way. Different personalities have different motives. Mainly there are two types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic is the motivational stimuli that comes from within and extrinsic comes from outside. Intrinsic is divided into growth and power, and extrinsic is branched into rewards, achievement, fear of consequences and social factors.

Rewards motivation is the motivation that leads us to try to get a specific reward we want. Fear of consequences is trying to avoid something. Achievement is the want to achieve a degree or award. Growth is the feeling to see ourselves improving and progressing so we take an action. Power motivation is more likely to happen in ambitious people so that they feel strong and influential. And the last one which is social factors having a sense of belonging to the society. For example when you move on to a new school and you try to make new friends in your class and feel that you are a part of them. If someday we decide to devote ourselves with the world around us, it is broadly a sign of being motivated by social factors.T he actual priority and importance of discerning the types of motivation is to determine which type is the most effective for inspiring us to reach our demands.

Who are athletes?

As my topic is motivation on athletes, I need to know who exactly athletes are. Athletes are often called sportsman or sportswoman. Athletes are people who are proficient in a sport or games which require physical acts and strength, velocity and stamina or endurance. Some are professional athletes who train deliberately to achieve a certain goal or they do it as a daily routine of their profession. The other group of athletes consists of people who do sports as a hobby or to get fit and in shape. As an athlete, I train for a certain goal which is becoming a professional volleyball player so somehow I can refer to myself as an example of a professional athlete. I will discuss the effect and aftermath of motivation on both professional and unprofessional athletes. Then we can see how different the effects are on these two groups.

The effects of motivation on different groups of athletes
People who are overweighed or are suffering from obesity need to do exercises to lose weight because unfortunately, they are consistently being discriminated and judged badly which is a social issue and should solve for a world with equality and without discrimination. As they are suffering from these issues, they should take a step forward and decide to lose weight as much as they can. But often they think that it is impossible to lose weight and become slim. They are regrettably demotivated to change. Factors that lead to demotivation should be eradicated and motivators should be added. Motivation can be transferred from one who has accepted this challenged and has lost weight, better than any other motivator. Videos and mottos or quotes from famous people can also have a great positive effect. John David Glaude who has lost 180 pounds says: “Personally I think good intentions are GREAT, and they are important for sure, BUT without EXECUTION, they are pretty much pointless. I had great intentions so many times before trying to lose weight. I wanted to be ‘fit’ more than ANYTHING in the world for YEARS, but I never executed! So, I stayed the same! I know how daunting losing a ton of weight seems like, but TRUST ME, make small changes over a larger period of time, and you WILL see changes!”

Ones who do sports as a hobby can be hardly named athletes. For these folks, motivation is not necessarily required. They do sports in their free times just to have fun and hang out with their friends. Semi-pro:
The explanations given above were for professional and famous people. For those who are young and not famous yet or are on the road to fame, things are somehow similar to the famous and pro-people. We can call the other group semi-professional, which includes me as well; because we are not as skillful, experienced and qualified as them, plus professional athletes are part of a team who participates in an official league.

For this group of people, I like to refer to myself for real-life examples and further explanations. It requires years of training and striving to become someone like Lionel Messi. So what made them never give up? The answer is “motivation”. Motivation is a very crucial and deciding factor for semi-pro athletes. As we are planning to become a professional athlete, there is a long and tough route to our goal. In some points of this path, we feel disappointed and want to give up on our goal. But often people around us try to motivate us to keep on going or if not, we try to recognize something to motivate us. Thinking of our abilities, talent, goals and the time we have spent on this pathway or what hard tasks we’ve done, can motivate us, although sometimes a motivational text or video can lead to motivation.

Sometimes we witness a downfall in the athletes’ performance. They do not perform the way they used to do. They might be facing issues in their life which demotivate them to put their best for his or her team and try as hard as possible to help the team achieve the best possible results. When this situation occurs, the player goes under high pressure from the media and the fans. But instead, he/she receives full support from the club, players, and the managing team. There are also some wise and logical fans who never forget the player’s importance and do not stop supporting him or her. A good example is Luis Suarez, the striker of FC Barcelona’s football team, who has had a big downfall in his performance in this season of the competitions. The world’s top scorer of last season (2016-2017) has only scored 3 goals in the 2017-2018 season for Barcelona. Currently he is under great pressure because of his fame, importance to the team and his bright career but the club, the players, the managing staff and all the fans including me, are supporting him so he can become the key player he used to be and score goals to help the team in achieving better results.

Factors affecting younger athletes’ motivation
Professional athletes who are role models for the young people play an important role in getting them involved in sports. When a famous player is in his best form of performance, everybody enjoys watching them specifically the younger generation. They often chose the player as an idol and try their best to copy their skills and style of play, and frequently their physical appearance such as hairstyles.
Some parents can push their children into playing sports due to distinct reasons, for instance:
They may share the same passion for their child.
They used to be an athlete so they want their son or daughter to follow their parent’s path.
They had the dream to become a pro athlete but never succeeded, so they want their kids to make their wish come true.
They want to keep their kids fit and healthy
Due to such reasons, parents may force their kids to do sports. This pressure can be either positive or negative which depends on the personality of both the parents and the child. If the child is not interested in that specific sport and the parents keep on pressuring him or her to do it or if the child is interested but the pressure from parents is very intense and it is being done in a tough and brutal way, then the parental pressure is a negative motivation on the young.
Promising for prizes can motivate and make younger athletes perform well as well as older ones. A delay in paying the salary to players demotivates them to perform well. In training and matches, they lack the hard work they used to have which leads to not getting the favorable results so as a result the club owners and managers try their best to keep their players happy because they are the ones who show the power and greatness of the club.
Giving individual prizes for individual trophies and titles or every goal a player scores and every serious attempt the goalkeeper saves in sports like football, can increase the players’ motivation.

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