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Time Magazine Essay

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Before the history of TIME, the news has served knowledgeable, comical and critical, ‘hot off the press’ information to countless human beings. However, it was when two journalists decided to contribute a twist. Their impartial views on the latest reports allured those hungry knowledge, and satisfied the literate audience. TIME magazine was founded by Mr. Britton Hadden and Mr. Henry Luce in the 1920’s. Both founders first became close companions by writing and editing the school paper at Hotchkiss School in Connecticut.

The two eventually enrolled into Yale University, enlisted in the Reserve Officer Training Corps, and became, “[…] reporters for The Baltimore News” (time. com).

Having raised enough money, Hadden and Luce resigned from their job and invested in making their own iconic periodical. On March 3, 1923, the first TIME magazine published. It used to be “[…] summarized and organized the news so that “busy men” could stay informed” (time. com). The magazine’s typical content used to expose topic ranging from heated court cases to business and leisure.

Modern day TIME delivers the latest current events from entertainment to world happenings, suitable for all genders, ages of eighteen and up.

TIME magazine has currently reached an estimate of 3,286,314 paid American subscribers (timemediakit. com). That impressive number does not to amount to how many are purchased on magazine stands, coffee shops, as well as those sold internationally. With each weekly publication, TIME magazine depicts its own touch to stand out amongst the rest. The fifth edition of the year 1927 was where it all commenced. The iconic red line that borders the front cover “symbolizes a bold, even arrogant idea.

Everything inside that red border is worth knowing, and whatever is outside of it, well, not so much” (Stengel). TIME magazine portrays their pictures on almost the entire 64-paged periodical as well. The quality and detail of each gives knowledge and understanding to its audience. Each image carries a different perspective which draws the reader’s attention and interests completely. The 26th of November 2012’s cover issue illustrated Peatrus’ formal uniform attire, along with his badges of high rankings and honor. Significantly, the picture by Marco Grob put shame in the once respected Central Intelligence Agency director.

Within the identical issue, photographs by Stephen Wilkes reveal the reality of Hurricane Sandy. Upon her vigor arrival, left broken homes and lives in the Northeast region of the United States. He illustrated the atrocity of the storm through images that released a similar attitude with those physically and emotionally affected. Nevertheless, Wilkes engages the reader to see the outcome of an underrated aftermath. The benefit of these concepts is to keep the young and older adults who read TIME magazine, briefed yet aware of the battle their nation faced.

The latest scandal of David Petraeus’ affair was what left the nation of America drooling over. The article “Skyfall” by Barton Gellman fed shocking, humorous, and insightful facts of the impropriety. His affair with liaison, Paula Broadwell forked up more than two relationships. Ms. Broadwell worked as an army reserve lieutenant colonel and biographer for Petraeus. With confirmed data, “Tampa socialite Jill Kelley, alarmed by series of disturbing e-mails from someone self-identifying as “kelleypartol,” has filed an FBI complaint” (Gellman).

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents later discovered it was Broadwell. That connection later linked to the scandalous messages Broadwell and Petraeus exchanged. Over 3 million Americans continue to hunger for the knowledge that TIME magazine serves. With its bright red iconic border, TIME captures the eloquent insight of advancing weekly affairs. The periodical has changed massively over the 89 years of expansion as newsfeeds and trends evolve. Nevertheless, the ambition and commitment to give open-minded and unbiased information to their audience will always be fed through the hands of TIME.

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