Time Is Wealth Essay

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Time Is Wealth

Life is all about managing time and dare for venture. This universe is nothing just a main manesfactation of routine and a splendid example of time management. It is said, “Coming and going is a part of man dunce life but if time lapse it will never ever come again”. “Time and tide wait for nothing”.

Islam also makes it compulsory for it as five prayers at fix time. It is a factor to be looked upon in order to complete shoulder to shoulder with world. As the famous saying is, “today and not tomorrow” and “don’t put it till tomorrow that you can do today”. Procrastination and indolence are vices that must be killed at their birth. Life an undoing current the time of life is flowing out. All the time is valuable but there are certain precious moments to be looked upon. A lost moment is lost for good. Hence, the need of making the best use of every minute that is flowing out in eternity. As William Shakespeare said, “time is health as well there is a proper period of life when health has to be cared for so as to prevent its lost in future.

This time is youth. From the beginning to the end of education every effort is made to impress upon us the supreme value of time. it is said,’time and tide wait for nothing”. It is true to some extent as if it is lapsed, one can’t find it anymore. Life on earth is depend out, both for existence and development on proper utilization of certain processions and quantities whether it is inherited from ancestors or given by nature. One of these is time by which is meant the total spam of our life.

In day to day existence we are left about 8 to 10 hours of time after accommodating certain demands of our nature such as eating and sleeping. Thus calculated a span of life covering on an average a length of 60 years is reduced to not more than 20 years, if the years of childhood are not taken into account because we are not aware of doing my thing. These 20 years should be used properly. It is said, “Time is wealth, it is true for great extend for the money we earn is after all the return we receive for use of our time that we make our income therefore, varies according as our time is used or misused”. “Those who manage time succeed in every walk of life”.

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