Time Definition Essay

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Time Definition

The thought “Don’t leave until tomorrow what you can today” holds very important in this fast pacing world where time is a very important factor and I fully agree with the statement.

The main reason for me to believe in this statement is a small but very significant word ‘time’. Time is a very precious gift bestowed to us by God and it must be used at the best of our ability. Man tends to get torpor at times, which makes him to keep work and other assignments pending. This increases his load of work and would require him more time to complete the task pended.

There is another reason that I would like to lay stress on. Let me take a very common example to explain the point. A small hole in a cloth piece should be stitched when noticed in the earlier stage before it becomes a bigger hole when there will be a greater difficulty to thread up the damage. In a line’A stitch in time saves nine ‘. One should never keep work pending and must be completed as early as possible. This would avoid a greater stress that would be taken to complete a pending assignment. Thus, one should never put off till tomorrow what can be done here and now.

Besides time and load of work, there is another small factor that makes me agree to the thought-provoking adage. By post-poning things and keeping them to be done on the eleventh hour would make a person tensed. It would make a person feel more anguish and remorse about the pending task. He would not feel comfortable until and unless the task is completed.

At times, when work especially an important task assigned is put off till tomorrow keeps getting postponed and never does the tomorrow come. He tends to put off his work and eventually may forget to complete what is assigned. Such carelessness costs a lot and can make a person get fired by an employer or even lose a job.

So, why take such a chance. It is better to do work promptly or earlier for the better. Hence I conclude by the statement to never put off till tomorrow what can be done here and now.

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