Time and Landscape Essay

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Time and Landscape

A landscape where we live in can influence who we really are as we grow up with it and it allows us to understanding more about ourselves with our constant interaction with the landscape. However it is possible that we are not able to connect with the landscape, because of our incompatibility with it, hence it has no impact or influences upon us. Sometimes we adapt ourselves to a landscape and we learn from it, but due to unforeseeable circumstances, we change to a different environment and we have to evolve our mentality in order to be able to comprehend a new landscape.

Through time, we can have a better understanding about ourselves as we bond with the landscape and we tend to eliminate any ambiguity that exists between ourselves and the landscape. A landscape where we grow up in provides us sentimental values and it is these values that provide us with thoughts to reflect on during tough times, due to the significance of the landscape. What we are able to learn and decipher from a certain landscape is different to others because no two man would ever see a same vision from a same angle and any attempt to share thoughts would create an undercurrent of hostility towards each other.

It is these landscapes that can provide us memories that are so deep that we are not willing to let go of it and we hold on to it to death. This notion is explored through Rachel Perkins’ film One Night The Moon through the physical dominance of sky and the mountain ranges, where we learn about the landscape and also the mental struggle of its inhabitants. In One Night The Moon , the story explores a theme of loss, whereby the loving child Emily Ryan.

It is also possible that we live in a landscape for a long period of time and we start to fight against it. People often abide their traditions as they learnt it from their ancestors which have passed in down from centuries ago. These traditions are contained within a landscape which influences them to have those traditions. The constant evolving of the world have forced a certain groups or individuals to alter their traditions, but they are still who they really are in the sense that their sense of belonging deeper down heir hearts are the same. Aboriginals in Australia may have had their land invaded by white settlers, but they still live in their own little communities. Although they have lost some of their cultures, but the memory of it is still within them because it was their interactions with the Australian landscape in the past that influenced them deeply, thus engraving those memories in their hearts.

They may have physically lost the battle trying to keep the landscape they own, but they will never lose the mental battle because memories and imagination allows individuals to convert things that are completely different to something in which they understand. This is similar in One Night The Moon because even though Albert worked for the police he will never be able to forget his landscape from the past because it is in his blood. Xxxxxfinish this paragraph.

Our actions portrays who we are, but ultimately it is the landscape in which we live that influences who we are and subsequently transforms us to project our true emotions. Landscapes not only influences us , but it also helps to create memories. However sometimes we do disagree with a particular landscape and we try to repel from it, but what we are unaware of is the firm recollection that they provide to us in our hearts and it makes forgetting a certain landscape something hard to do.

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