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Timberland’s Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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Timberland’s exercise of its corporate power in society is very much so positive. The have contributed many great things to the world around them as they see fit. Jeffrey Swartz, the grandson of the founder and the last member of the family to serve as CEO said, “At Timberland, doing well and doing good are not separate efforts. Every day, everywhere, we compete in the global economy. At the center of our efforts is the premise of service…” (Lawrence Anne T.

) Timberland only went further to prove this statement by Swartz. The social responsibly contributed by the New Hampshire Company is apparent and influentially responsible. Large companies can and are very influential to other companies because they set the pace. Not only with profit, but also with social responsibility, smaller companies follow after the actions of larger companies. Timberland is aware of this “big brother” image and is handling itself very well.

Timberland has made both economical and social contribution to the United States and its neighboring countries.

They have mastered the balance of public help. In September 2011, Timberland celebrated its centennial birthday with a service event called “Serv-a-Polooza” (Lawrence Anne T.). The event was held at its corporate headquarters in New Hampshire. Volunteers worked with Habitat for Humanity and framed houses in its corporate parking lot to be shipped for final assembly in Missouri to assist the suffering families in tornado- devastated Joplin, Missouri. They also created a new outdoor community gathering and performance space, built an outdoor classroom at a local elementary school, and improved the high school athletic facilities in Newmarket, New Hampshire.

Lastly, volunteers worked on “greening” a community for a local nonprofit organization, transforming the meeting space for local disabled veterans, and knitting blankets for families affected by the Missouri tornadoes. (The Timberland Company ) Timberland and its volunteers have made substantial social contributions. Helping the state of Missouri shows the optimistic side of larger corporations, which can often be misconstrued as negative entities. Timberland is making a great difference.

Timberland has also prepared economical influences. Over the past years, Timberland has focused more on its effective sustainability. By the end of 2010, they had installed LED lighting in its stores in the United States and directed its European stores to purchase renewable energy, which in return reduced its carbon emissions by thirty-eight percent. Shortly after that accomplishment, Timberland set new sustainability goals for the following year. The company unveiled the plan to reduce its carbon emissions by fifty percent of total energy consumption. Timberland established a baseline for its supply chain emissions and challenged all of its suppliers to meet level two of the Global Social Compliance Program standards (Lawrence Anne T.).

The programs that Timberland have pursued are not in lieu of self-interest. The standards and changes that the company has set fourth simultaneously benefit the company and its surroundings. Both the economical and social changes and contributions not only benefitted the company as a whole but also the people that the programs were initially for. The emissions sustainability efforts were economically beneficial because it supports health standards for the surrounding community where the Timberland factories are located as well as their suppliers. The programs that Timberland set effectively on their centennial birthday, in Missouri, were put in place in lieu of the Missouri residents and their families.

The social responsibility initiatives of Timberland are focused on the appropriate problems but can focus on a different aspect. The programs set fourth in Missouri were great but Timberland can aim to assist other states besides their native state. Many programs went into play in Missouri because tats where Timberland’s “home” is. These efforts are great but are narrowed in on one place. Timberland’s efforts should be widespread around the United States. Timberland is off to a great start but shouldn’t be settled only in their place of comfort. Widespread efforts will go along way and open the doors for other volunteers, financial and non-financial support.

VF Corporation should continue to support the initiatives of Timberland because they are headed in the right direction. Timberland’s efforts are creditable and honest. They have set a standard for other companies to follow. Being a larger and well know company is crucial because you’re always in the limelight. This limelight is the reporting mark that smaller and upcoming companies seek direction from. If Timberland continues with its practically good efforts, corporate entities would have a more positive perception.

Timberland has set fourth great efforts with their economic and social contributions. They have properly set initiatives that are both beneficial to their surrounding communities as well as the company itself. Timberland’s exercise of its corporate power in society is very much so positive. The have contributed many great things to the world around them as they see fit.


Lawrence, Anne T., and James Weber. Business and Society: Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Policy. Fourteenth ed. Print The Timberland Company . Corporate Social Responsibility Report. 2001. .

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