Timberland – Corporate Social Responsibility

How do Timberlands social responsibility efforts and high ethical standards benefit the company?

Timberland’s CSR (Corporate social responsibility) efforts benefit the company in a number of ways:

  • By involving all stakeholders be it consumers, employees or stock holders, Timberland ensures that it is not “business as usual” but much more towards giving back to the community from which it derives sustenance.
  • By contributing to the local community through PIES (Partners in education and service) and other projects, it ensures that the local community is made to feel like “part of the family”
  • Timberland is undertaking thirteen different projects with the local community and the employee’s involvement sparks what the management calls a “revolution” in social justice.

Over the past several years, corporate America has been shaken by a series of scandals involving the top management and the whole image of these companies had taken a severe beating. Timberland, by its CSR efforts has ensured that all its stakeholders have a positive approach towards the company and this helps it in its business efforts.



Why is the leader’s personal involvement key?

By aligning themselves with the social responsibility efforts, Timberland’s management has ensured that:

  • Their personal involvement ensures that the employees are motivated and “follow the leader” in their efforts towards CSR
  • By letting employees get a paid leave of 40 hours to contribute towards CSR efforts, the leadership of Timberland is sending a strong message to all the stakeholders about its sincerity and commitment towards the community projects
  • The fact that the leadership was present at the meeting of volunteers to kick off the CSR efforts is a signal that “everyone is involved”.

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  • Timberland is striving to create a brand identity for itself as a caring and ethical company. Towards this, the leadership wants to ensure that it does not fall into the quagmire of profit driven unethical behavior and instead engage themselves with the community at large.

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