A Tale about a Sock, Washing Machine and Tide Laundry Detergent

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The room was filled with roaring of a laundry machine in action. Bright lights filled the room and in the corner, layed a miserable and isolated sock. It had sweat stains on it and was very, very stinky.

The sock’s name was Bob. Why was he sad and sitting in the corner by himself? Well, he often got bullied and harassed by the other socks.

They would pick on him because he was stinky and had a very foul smell, and the other socks were cleansed and spotless.

Life was very hard for Bob and nobody ever talked to him or paid attention to him. He had many problems in his life and would often think negative things about himself. One day he thought to himself, “Will I ever be perfect and clean?”

Bob looked around the bright white room, he sighed. He was all alone, like always.

All the other clean socks went out and had an adventure outside while bob would be by himself not going anywhere.

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His dream was to go in the washing machine, get cleaned and so nobody would bully him but he would have to go on a long journey to the washing machine and face a lot of problems throughout the trip, but he knew he could do it, he believed in himself.

“I will leave tomorrow morning.” He said. Bob packed all his stuff. He brought a blanket, food, water and a banana peel as a weapon for self defense, in case he had to face something big.

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A few hours later Bob was finished with his packing. He felt the floor vibrate as he saw a human walk in and turn off the lights.Bob felt his eyes droop. ” Guess its time to sleep·” Bob sighed and fell asleep.

Bob was running through the darkness he was being chased by something, something big. He turned around and there it was, a GIANT PAIR OF PANTS CHASING AFTER HIM!!

Bob screamed and kept running . He hid behind a laundry basket he was holding his breath hoping not to be found. “Am I dreaming or is this real??? Please wake up!!!” Bob thought to himself. Unfortunately Bob was breathing too loud. The giant pants roared and picked him up.

Bob screamed for his life. Everything went pitch black. Bob jerked awake, his sight was blurry, it took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust. He was breathing quickly but a couple seconds later he felt much better. Bob heaved himself up off the floor and quickly got all his belongings together into his backpack.

My dream will finally become true!” he was very happy and couldn’t wait to head off. Bob set off and headed towards the active laundry machine. “Very soon I will be in there spotless and clean.” he thought.

The journey was going well so far. An hour passed by but the laundry machine was still very far away but out of the blues an underwear jumped in his way. “And where do you think your going!” he snarled. Bob was too scared to say anything. “Just a tiny DIRTY sock wandering around? Just go home and cry in the corner!” He laughed. Bob was very offended but that wouldn’t stop

him from following his dreams. Bob ran past the mean underwear and dived for the cover. He heard the underwear screaming in frustration. “Where are you little coward!” He called for Bob.

Minutes felt like hours but fortunetly the underwear gave up and went away. Bob let out a sigh of relief he continued on his journey. He wanted to get there by tomarrow. It was getting dark so Bob had to find a place to settle in for the night. He looked around and found the perfect spot.

“Yasss this might be the best day of my life!” Bob exclaimed. He took out his blanket and layed down. It took a while for him to fall asleep but he did eventually. Bob slowly opened his eyes and gradually got up. He was halfway done with the journey. He gazed up and was astonished because the laundry machine was so close.

He saw the vast mighty appliance that could change your life forever. A wave of exhilaration hit Bob as he approached the manly laundry machine. He was a step away to accomplishing his biggest dream. Though he didn’t know how to get all the way up to the giant machine. Bob realized it was soundless.

The machine would usually break the silence of the room but something wasn’t right. “Hmm something seems odd…” Bob said aloud. Bob let out a gasp as he stared at the boundless stairs leading up to the laundry machine. Bob took a step closer to the stairs and he started his trip to the machine.

He felt like someone was watching him. He felt as if someone was after him. Bob was very alert. When he heard a single noise he would jerk his head back but would see nothing. The room was as quiet as a mouse. “AT LAST!” Bob exclaimed. “Who goes there!” A loud voice called out to Bob.

Bob nearly fell over. “G-greetings..” Bob’s voice shook. “At last, your here·.the special one “uhm·.what do you mean? I’m just a Lonely foul sock..” Bob told the voice sadly. “Uhm..you never introduced yourself.” Bob’s voice was super quiet, like a mouse.

You don’t know who I am? “The voice roared. “Uhh…n-no” Bob’s voice shook. “Let me introduce myself. I am you hero! The Washing Machine! You are the special one. Someone has attempted to steal my formula. Tide! The only thing that makes the world happy and now its gone!!! Your job is to go on the mission and find the one and only missing laundry detergent. It’s called Tide.

Do you think you are capable enough to do this? If u succeed then you will be my favorite and you get free washes for as long as you live. “Hmmm” Bob felt skeptical about this. “Seems like a good deal..” Bob thought. “I’m up for the job Mr. Washing machine.” Bob said. “Very well·” Answered the washing machine. “I knew you were the special one Bob·” The laundry machine said warmly.

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