Thy Womb Essay

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Thy Womb

A charming and majestic chain of islands straddling peacefully between Sulu Sea and Celebes Sea in the southwestern Philippines is the exotic Tawi-Tawi province. It is one of the southernmost parts of Philippines, which have become infamous for being the site of warring government and the Muslims terrorists. The people are peace-loving and they live there harmoniously. Their houses are built on silts near the seashore. The place is surrounding with families who are lack of needs, and they are surviving in the rain or shine weather in their everyday lives.

Their culture was also shown in the movie. The wedding celebration there is very different as we celebrate the wedding here. Giving dowry to the family they want to marry and hospitality is part of their culture. The man is negotiating to the family of the woman they want to marry, not only once, but anytime they want to get married as long as they have dowry that they will give to the family of they want to get married. Although the woman, doesn’t love the man, the man can marry her as long as her family approved the wedding.

Shaleha, the character portrayed by Nora Aunor is indeed the most interesting for me. It’s very unusual to see a wife go searching for another lady to be his husband’s second wife. Shaleha truly shown that her love for her husband, Bangas-An, was fascinating. She has gone to some hardships just by knowing that her husband might really turn his back to her.

As I seen in the movie, there are some problems that the government should focus to improve their place. Some problems are the people have not enough clothings and their houses which reside in the sea is not safe for them especially to the children; and also they are lack in the terms of security and medical because when Bangas-an shoot a gun, there’s no justice occur and his wife, Shaleha cure it with leaves. The government should took action these problem for the sake of the people. The government should also enhance the infrastructure base of the province and improve accessibility, and generate more jobs for the people.

Thy Womb is a movie that is worth watching for. This movie indeed tells the reality of living. The reality in which people do have different cultures as well as their way of living that was affected by the things or events in their surroundings. This reality is also experienced by us in our lives but in different circumstances.

Upon watching it, it shown in the movie the goodness of the people in South. I was amazed in the people there how they approach each and every one. Eventhough they all suffer in poverty, they managed to give help with the other people. Also, my heart felt pity to the some olds are undressed and working despite of their ages.

After I watched it, I conclude some values that were essentially portrayed, like the undying love of Shaleha to her husband Bangas-An, the couple’s faith and persistence to really make it up to the dowry required by the other family is strongly portrayed as the couple willingly sell their things and asked help from the other communities. I greatly admired Director Mendoza for bringing great honor to the people and for showing the beauty of Tawi-Tawi. I hope that the other Filipinos will appreciate his efforts as well.

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