Thw Importance of English Essay

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Thw Importance of English

Language is the ability of human to communicate. Estimated number of languages in the world variesbetween 6,000 to 7,000. One of the most important languages is English language. Why do we think English language is the most important? English plays a major role in many areas including medicine, engineering and education, which in my opinion; is the most importantlanguage to learn.

First of all, the reason why English language is important is to help students find better jobs. In the business sector, the most commonly used language is the English language. In order to achieve success in the selected jobs, one should acquire a sound knowledge in the language. As the result, fresh graduates have to know the language well in order to get a better job, and for those who have less knowledge in the language will only be able to acquire less paid jobs. For example, one of my friends’ sister, who was graduated from a well-known university and she has a good command in the language. That helped her to get a better paid job.

The next reason for us to be well-versed in the language is to enable us to communicate with people around the world. It is important to get involvewith advancement of the technology. For that reason, we have to learn a common language. A language which could be understaood by everyone. For example, the internet can be used to get access to unlimited information and if our knowledge in the language is limited then getting around with the internet would be difficult task.

Last but not least is the importance of the language in education.It is becoming a common practice in every higher education institutions to conduct lessons in English language. If we are good in the language then scoring good results will be easy. In conclusion, university students need to know the language to get access to all kinds of knowledge.

In a nut shell, we could say that, it is important to know English language. It is also proved that the languageplays a major role in our lives. If we want to follow themodern trend, new gadgets and technologyin this developing world, we have to know the English language well.

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