Throughout History There Have Been Essay

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Throughout History There Have Been

Throughout history there have been a certain that effect not only the certain people or region, but the rest of the world. Those two events were French Revolution and Enlightenment. French Revolution , this calls for freedom and equality for the French people later effected not only France or Europe, but the rest of the world. The Enlightenment, changing live between people and their government. The Enlightenment thinkers, Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. Hobbes believed that people are selfish and brutish by natural and needed to be controlled by an absolute monarchy. According to Hobbes, people enter into social contract with their government, giving up their freedom in change for an organized society. In contrast, Locke thought that people are basically reasonable and moral. He also believes that people have certain natural rights, including the right to life, liberty, and property. Locke reject absolute monarchy, believe that the best kind of government limited power. The enlightenment ideas spread not only in France or Europe but the the rest of the world as well.

The work of enlightenment thinkers included articles on human knowledge, explaining new ideas on topics such as government, philosophy and religion. Most government and church authorities try to stop the spread of enlightenment ideas. They banned and burned books and imprisoned writers. However it did not stop the spread of the enlightenment ideas. The ideas continued to spread in salons, where people gathers to disuse new compete in literature, the arts, science and philosophy. So the ideas of enlightenment did not spread but continued and changing tastes and reflect new enlightenment ideals. There were many causes of French Revolution, one of them was the king has absolute power, which he levy high taxes, imprison people without just causes and censor free speech and the press.

Another was the vast injustice to the third estate, which made up of 98% of population. The third estate had little say in government but was the estate that paid the taxes, which supported the king lavish lifestyle and superfluous wars. These people were often very poor, with little land and almost nothing to eat, but still burdened by unreasonable taxes. However the third estate did consist of education of the middle class. These educated doctors, lawyers, and marchents were aware of the ideas of Locke and Voltaire, the enlightenment thinker, which preoched for civil liberty and a fair and justice government.

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