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Three Year Degree Exception- Petition Letter Essay

Essay Topic:

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I am a diligent, hardworking student submitting this petition before you. I wish to pursue my Masters’ in Information Technology in the U.S. and I have the preliminary eligibility of a Bachelors’ from Osmania University in India. I have also a post graduate diploma that I obtained from a professional organization Comp-u-Serve.

      In India, a student becomes eligible to apply for his Masters’ soon after he completes the three year rigorous curriculum at Bachelors’ and this is equivalent to the four year degree in the US.

I was in the midst of a formal education from Vivekananda School of PG Studies which is a DOEACC – B Level Program,[ equivalent to Master’s In Computer applications on completion ] when I came to the US to take up employment at General Electric, since the prestigious offer was too good an opportunity to miss. I would have completed my Masters’ in India had it not been for the wonderful opportunity to come to the US and I request the authorities to consider the fact that I do have a Bachelors’ in Commerce from a University, a Diploma in Computer Applications and further formal education at Vivekananda School of Post Graduate Studies that gives me an additional 12 semester hours of credit as evaluated by CED Evaluations.

The education system in India trains a student adequately to pursue a Masters’ after the three year duration of Bachelors’. The course curriculum and number of hours a student has to put in during his Bachelors’ are designed to suit this purpose. The student gets an all round thorough training in the Major he chooses and there are allied subjects that are given equal importance. Once a student gets his Bachelors’ he is sufficiently equipped to face the challenges in the course of his Masters’, because the three year degree course curriculum is intensive, and calls for an in depth study of the major chosen.

It was this University degree of Commerce and the computer skills acquired in the course of my diploma that fetched me an excellent employment opportunity in the US. This stands testimony to the fact that the three year University degree given by an Indian University is as good as the four year degree that makes a student eligible for his Masters’ in the USA.Many deserving students who successfully complete their three year University degree get Campus placements and lucrative employment offers.

      I became interested in the field of Finance in my High School which motivated me to get a University Degree in Commerce. However, market research showed a growing demand for computer products and services and hence I decided to pursue a business related to Computer products. Being a Commerce student I wanted to be exposed to Computer Applications first, and that is why I first chose to get a diploma at Comp-u-serve. My motive was to get a systematic training in Information Systems which would enable me to offer unique services and solutions to corporate houses.

Hence I decided to take up a job as a Computer Professional to better understand the practical aspects of business. Later, I also joined a Master’s program in Computer Applications to enhance my technical knowledge to the fullest the following are the courses that I studied during my training at Vivekananda.1. IT Tools and Applications.2 Business Systems.3 Programming and Problem Solving through C Language .4 Computer Organisation.5 Structured System Analysis & Design.

     I passed three of these but I was forced to discontinue my studies because I had to come abroad.

     .Now my unfinished education would get fulfillment only by getting admission into a Masters’ program in the US. The Bachelor’s of Commerce in my case is equivalent to Bachelor’s of Business Administration as evaluated by CED Evaluation. I have had good work experience in the field of Technology because I was a system administrator at Wintech Computers for two years, a Client Service Analyst for two years at GE and an IT Consultant for six years at Mascon Global Consulting.

       The Indian system offers a Bachelors’ [a University degree] after three years and that is why I had to take up the three year course. I do have a post graduate diploma in computer applications, a formal education in my regular post Graduate studies in Computer Applications for six months and sufficient related experience. I humbly request you to give weight to these facts and grant me an exception to the four year university degree policy as I have a three year degree.

I am confident that I would be able to meet all demands in the course curriculum of my Masters’ in Information Systems., because I have the grounding as well as motivation to complete the course successfully. I have basic exposure to theoretical knowledge of computers, competent and relevant practical experience in the field, and a composite honing of skills and comprehensive knowledge in Computer Applications would only be provided by a Masters’ .I assure you of my eligibility to pursue this and request you to treat my three year University degree in India as the four year eligibility criteria of the US.

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